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Off to Disneyland!

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So I only have a few hours to get everything ready to go and packed for our Disneyland Trip!  I’m a little anxious about leaving you guys all alone for a few days.  I’m addicted to finding deals for you and sometimes I just can’t stay off the computer.  So hopefully this vacation will actually be a vacation, instead of me thinking about what deals I could post!

To have some fun while I am gone, I have a bunch of giveaways that I will post first thing tomorrow morning!  You can enter every single one of them.  So keep checking the site to see if I have added a new one yet!  All giveaways will end at 9:00pm on Sunday.  And I will be posting the winners that night.  So, if you really want to win, you will make sure you check the site Monday morning.  Because remember, you only have 24 hours to claim your prize and I HATE not giving someone their prize because it took them 3 days to get to me and I’ve already given it to someone else!

Also, if I don’t have any problems with my Internet Connection, I will be posting videos and deals from Disneyland during my entire trip!  I know how many of you are going to Disneyland soon, so you will see what types of deals we snag for Meals and also Free things we get.  And I definitely won’t leave out all of the coupon deals you can snag!

**I will still post the Walgreens, Target and other weekly ad deals while I am gone.  So you will still see those bright and early Monday Morning! 

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  1. Don't worry about us! Just have tons of fun & bring us back som Cali weather!!! Thanks for all the time you put in for us! 🙂

  2. Have a great vacation!! Thanks for all your hard work.

  3. Melea,Just go have a great time. Disneyland is a magical place so enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!

  4. Hey Malea, Just an FYI, we are Disneyland fanatics at our house and we love the play Aladin at The Hyperion Theater in California Adventure. Times are usually in the early evening and you need to get in line an hour or so early but it is Fantastic. It's also ending in Aug. so this may be your only chance to see it. If you get balcony seats they are just as good as main floor seats. Have fun and please take notes on all the goings on at Cal. Advent. I'm dying to know what changes have been made since I've been last and I won't be there till June so curiosity is killing me. have fun! Be Safe and thanks. Tiff

  5. We love Disneyland too and just got back a couple of weeks ago. One thing we always do is get in line before the gates even open and then head for Fantasyland as soon as they do. Go on Peter Pan first followed by Dumbo. Then after that the order doesn't really matter. Those two lines can get really long. When we were there in March we were able to do all the rides in Fantasyland in 25 minutes using that technique.

  6. Alycia Have Fun!!!!!


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