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Two quick things:

1- The City Deals $600 Gift Certificate Gift Away ends tomorrow!  So, if you haven’t signed up for the City Deals email updates to count towards one of your entries, you will want to go here to the Giveaway Post and enter!  Make sure your friends who you told about the giveaway sign up for email updates from Freebies2Deals too.  If they win, you do too!  60 of you will win- so hurry and get your entries in!

2- We are doing so awesome on the Freebies2Deals Reusable Bag!  Thanks guys for being so awesome about voting!  Right now, we are winning the Smith’s Category.  Voting isn’t the only thing that will make us win.  But I am hoping it will really make a huge difference!  I would love to have the most votes for all Kroger Stores!  How awesome would that be??

You can vote once per day.  And I realize that the enthusiasm will die down after a few days… but those who keep voting will really have a much bigger chance of winning the $1,000 Gift Card when I do!  So, if you really want to win the Gift Card, just make it part of your morning online routine!  I will also put it in the Contest Category in the Navigation Bar.  So you can just click there every morning and do a quick vote! 

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  1. voted 4/15

  2. So I voted……..and yesterday!! sorry, I forgot to post I got so busy with all the posted deals!! Jennie 4/14/10 &4/15/10

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  4. Voted 4/15 christiansen.ashley@gmail.comI am signed up for citydeals and love their site.

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