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There are a lot of great things to post today!  I have a whole list of them I need to do.  I am leaving in a bit to check out Family Fresh Foods today in Ogden to give you all the 4-1-1 on doubling coupons and what I think of their store! 

***So, check back later this afternoon.  I will have the Fresh Market and Macey’s Deal Matchups posted along with the rest of the cool things on my list!  Thanks!

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  1. I'm so excited to hear about Family Fresh Foods in Ogden. I pass the store daily and keep wondering about their doubling process and if it's worth it! Let us know!!!

  2. Family Fresh has a very limited selection and their prices on non-sale items are typically more than other grocery stores. Every time I've gone I've only been able to use about 1/3 of my coupons because they don't carry certain items or the price I'll pay even with doubled coupons isn't any better than I'd get elsewhere. However, Family Fresh does have some awesome sales, so it still can be worth the trip. My advice: go once to get a feel for what they carry and what the prices are. I go whenever I'm in Ogden, but I won't make a special trip to shop there.

  3. I have shopped at Family Fresh numerous times and I agree with Amy. They are very limited in what items they carry and I never am able to use all of my coupons. They do price match other ads, but you have to have the ad, and they wont match ads that you have to have a card for…like Smith's. I have had great experiences there, and terrible experiences there. One clerk treated me like an idiot when I tried to price match Smith's ad as I had done the previous week-she pointed to their coupon policy on the checkstand and that was about it. I asked her if she was ready for some coupons and she said "No, not really," because they were a nuisance to her. On the upside, they have a really good meat department with great cuts of meat, and their bakery does a good job. I was part of their focus group and I have noticed that they are already implementing many things we have suggested. -so they are working on improving the store to better meet our needs.

  4. where is this place exactly?

  5. Macey's sent out a wonderful coupon booklet to the Utah county areas.

  6. Family Fresh foods is at the top of Washington Blvd in South Ogden. Its right where you turn off to go to Ogden Regional Medical Center. Across the street from the Drivers License bureau place…

  7. Does anyone know if the Target pharmacy coupon for a gift card with transferred prescription is still good? I've misplaced mine, but if it's already expired I will not waste time looking for it. If it's still good, and someone has one they don't need, I could really use one!Thanks!

  8. Kendra-It was in this Sunday's Target Ad again. Just ask for an Ad at Target customer service. It should be in there.Melea


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