The Next Coupon Conference!

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So I am starting to plan the next coupon conference!!  YAY right??

I still do not have all of the details yet… but I will let you know as soon as I do.  I will even give you a heads up this next time as to when tickets will be available.

I had a lot of positive feedback from the last conference… and I need your freedback now.  I want to make sure that everyone can learn something from this event… whether you are new to couponing or a coupon pro!

So I would like your feedback on what information you would like covered if you have been couponing for awhile..

Also, how would we feel about having a longer Q&A session??  I know so many of you have questions and I think it would be great if we could get them all answered.

For those of you who attended the last conference, what things would you want covered in the next one??

I have a LOT of secret surprises for this next event which will make it even better than last time!  So, I hope together we can make it the perfect event!

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  1. definately have a longer Q&A session! one question that i didn't get answered was:when price matching (ie at walmart) do i just show the ad to the cashier and check out like usual? or do i need to go to the service desk and show the ad to get the adjusted price?thanks,Darci

  2. As far as q&a, I think that maybe doing a few after each section. Some of the questions asked were not useful for me and I felt could have been better answered in private. Also, you could have people write their questions down and then send them up front for you to read and then go over…and answer if appropriate.Some of the people seemed to ask endless questions and it made that time seem REALLY long. I am not trying to be negative, just trying to see that time is spent wisely.OR you could have a break…give out the goodie bags and prizes, take a 10 minute break and then join back for a q&a if you want to stay. That way, you could leave if you wanted or you could stay to learn more.To be completely honest, I don't know if I would come to another one…not that it wasn;t good, but what more is there to learn. I WOULD however, send friends. Hope this helps. And thank you for all of your help and "coupon counseling"!!

  3. Please host it in somewhere in Utah Valley!!!

  4. I absolutely loved the last coupon conference, and i agree the Q and A time needed some improvement. There were a coupole people that just used the time up and i felt rushed kind of through the whole thing. Other than the Q/A everything was great and so helpful. I came from Preston ID and picked up a friend from Plain City UT and we loved every second she is very new to the whole couponing thing and just absorbed all the info and couldn't beleive she paid full price for anything. You are so amazing. No matter where you have it, if people want to come they will drive to you. You do so much work for us why can't we help out too and make something easier for you. I don't know alot about couponing but i know you can never have to much info about it. I don't know what you would talk about other than what you covered last time but i am sure you will think of something. Thanks Again for all your work.

  5. I wasn't able to make it to the last one so I'm excited that you are doing it again! I have been couponing for years but have learned some great tips from your blog…just started following a few weeks ago and you have already saved me lots of $$$…thanks! My biggest issue w/ couponing is TIME, specifically how to spend less of it couponing while still saving money. I really need to learn how to be more efficent while shopping and especially preparing to shop so that I don't dread it so much. Saturdays are hectic for many, just wondered if you have considered holding it on say, Friday? One more thing, I have attended many seminars and I find the most effective Q&A sessions are the format where attendees write their questions down before or during a break and the most common questions (if you don't have time for all of them) are covered to the group. Those you don't have time for could be featured later on the FAQ section of the blog. Thanks again!

  6. I am totally thinking of trying to make it to this next one. I am curious if you already have a location and I am also wondering how long the conference is? Is it a longer event or just an hour or two? I'm excited. Hopefully I can make it.

  7. I am a college guy who is all about couponing. However have not been able to attend your conferences yet. Since work and school have got in the way, or the tickets are all gone by the time i even find out about it. I know there is many more people down in the SLC area. However you have many fans in Northern Utah and Southern Utah. I know there are many college students up at USU that would love you to do something up in our neck of the woods. Just think about it. We can all save money, but with tuition costs going up us college kids definitely can. We would love to have u up here at USU. Thanks for all you do.

  8. I would love it if you could host the next conference around Orem. It would be closer to college students who might only be able to travel by buses. The last conference was great! I agree that some of the questions asked were repetetive, but overall I enjoyed it!

  9. I haven't seen many coupons for any sort of meat and was wondering how you find good deals on meat or where you get it, because it seems sooo expensive…


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