Why Freebies2Deals Readers ROCK!

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I just wanted to take a second and let you know how awesome you all have been!  It is so great to hear from you and hear your money saving experiences and that you are loving the site.  I love finding the deals for all of you!  Thank you for being Freebies2Deals readers and helping this site grow so fast by telling all of your friends and neighbors.  It’s incredible!

Why Freebies2Deals Readers Rock-

1-  You leave your wonderful comments and help everyone out!

2-  You let me know about all of your own fabulous deal finds so I can share them with the site.

3-  You have been so supportive with the start and growth of Freebies2Deals.

4-  You have spread the word to family and friends about the site.

5- You always participate in the Giveaways and are happy for others when they win.

6- You watch me on local TV shows to show your support.

7- You have started to really start saving money for your family!  It’s fun right?!

8- You are helping me become a better and more efficient deal finder.

9- You are all so understanding when it comes to running this website and my balance with Family Time and a new baby.

10- And finally…. the reason why you rock is because you come to the website every day (sometimes multiple times each day) to see what the latest deals and giveaways are!  Thank you for that.  It really makes my site more noticeable to big companies out there.  That means, more special deals just for Freebies2Deals readers the bigger we grow!

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  1. YOU are awesome!! I love coming to this site everyday for all the awesome deals! I get so excited to go to a store and watch $40+ come off my grocery bill in one trip!!I wanted to tell you if you go to the Texas Roadhouse website and register, they send you a coupon for a free appetizer!!You rock!! :)Chantel

  2. I agree – I just love this site. I actually subscribed after seeing you on Studio 5 when I was home sick a couple of weeks ago. I have always liked getting great deals but your info has helped alot. In fact just yesterday when I was in Target and got an excellent deal on CFL light bulbs (50% off plus the $1.50 coupon) I thought to myself you would be so proud of me. Thanks for all you do to help others out by saving money. That is always such a good thing!!

  3. THANK YOU for all your work! I get giddy when I save $$and can put it toward something else!! LOVE IT!

  4. Your Dad told me about your site on Twitter. It has fabulous info!! Would love to have you as a "Monday Maven" on my site sometime!

  5. Yes I agree that YOU are awesome for taking the time to share what you find! I love having a one stop place to find all the great deals out there!Thank You!

  6. Thanks for all you do. I have a few questions that us awesome readers might also want to ask. 🙂 Do you know if any Utah stores accept competitors coupons such as Target and Walgreens coupons? How cool would that be to stack them somewhere else!?! Also, do you know if any Utah stores double their coupons? Thanks again!!!

  7. Christy-As far as I know… there are no stores in Utah that accept competitors coupons. Also, the only store I have heard of that doubles coupons is Family Fresh. And it is the location in Ogden, Utah.


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