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A few weeks ago, I wrote a post called Stand Up for Your Coupons!  If you missed that, please read it here.

I wanted to give you all a heads up about problems you may run into at Target.  I personally have not had a problem… yet, but I know some of you have. 

The most important thing to remember is that you are not doing ANYTHING wrong by using coupons!  Target gladly accepts coupons.  They make money accepting your coupons from the manufacturers.  Plus, they get reimbursed the face value of the coupon as well. 

The only time we start to have problems is when cashiers or even managers do not understand their own coupon policy.  If this is the case, be polite and explain that you know that you are able to use the coupons and that their corporate policy states that you can.  You can also let them know you have a copy of the Target Coupon Policy on-hand, if they would like to see it. 

In some instances, you may have a manager or someone in customer service refuse your coupons and state they will not take them.  What do you do???  You call corporate while you are still in the store!  This very second, take out your cell phone and program Target’s corporate number into your phone. I’m serious, right now.  (800) 440-0680

This is what Target has specifically said in regards to stores not taking your coupons, All Target stores should be following the same coupon policy. The next time you have an issue using coupons please have them call us at (800) 440-0680 while youre still in the store. Our Guest Relations Team will help assist with any questions they may have about coupons.

As long as you have a copy of the Target coupon policy with you and the corporate number programmed in your cell phone, you should never have a problem that can’t be fixed!  Please, be nice to the cashiers.  It will go a long way.  But, at the same time, be confident and stand up for yourself.  You aren’t doing anything wrong.

There is nothing wrong with saving money and creating a better lifestyle for yourself. And there is definitely nothing wrong with getting a good deal or something for free.

I had a reader tell me that their Target cashier told them that they couldn’t use a coupon because it was “too good of a deal”.  What??!  Employees and/or managers do not decide what coupons they can and cannot take.  And Target has NO PROBLEM with using coupons on clearanced merchandise or even items that you can get free! 

So, be confident and be prepared!  That way, you will never have a situation you can’t fix while you are at Target. I want all of you to be prepared when you use coupons.  It should be a good experience for everyone.  We will all run into people who may give us a hard time.  So I will do my best to give you the information you need to help it go more smoothly.  Keep it up!  You guys are doing so awesome! 

**One more thing…. Make sure you understand what your coupons say.  For example, the Monopoly coupon that came out this week states that you can get $4.00 off one Monopoly.  It does not state Monopoly Board game.  Nor does it give any exclusions to what type of Monopoly games you cannot use it on.  Because of this, you CAN use it on any Monopoly game.  You may get problems with these types of things as well.  So, if the manager does not understand, you will need to call corporate.  You are following the rules of the coupon precisely.  And Hasbro did not clarify which type of Monopoly game you had to buy in order to use the coupons. 

There will be a lot of instances like this.  And this is when standing up for yourself can be hard.  But, you can do it.  Just stick to the advice I gave you above, even if you end up calling corporate.  The only way we can get stores understanding coupons is by learning.  So, maybe getting corporate involved isn’t such a bad thing. 🙂

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  1. melea thanks i really needed to read that!! ive had the same problem so this really helps! so thank you!!

  2. I appreciate the support. The truth is, I have had NO PROBLEMS with any coupons anywhere eccept Target! They have been the worst to deal with! Even taking their own Target coupons…….?

  3. me too!! my only problems were with target!

  4. I went to target earlier and actually had a plesent experience. I used a few of the coupons they mailed to me, along with one of the game coupons and the free downy trial size from a few weeks back. Not only was it not a problem but a few things rang up wrong and the cashier had no problem changing the prices for me, also the downy coupon only took off $1.00 instead of the $1.99 they were, so she just changed the price of the item so I would still get it free. She was very nice and courtious, of course she was not your typical teenage cashier either she was more like mom or grandmother. Hope everyone else has as plesent of an experience.

  5. Thanks so much and I do want to add that it's not just standing up for yourself but for everyone else. The more each of us do this individually the more the workers at the store will be educated.

  6. I've been having problems getting my papers delivered. I had to be brave and finally call the guy in charge of circulation at the Daily Herald. FINALLY yesterday one of the big wigs there drove the copies I had already paid for to my home in Saratoga Springs. Persistence pays off! They had already charged me the money and owed it to me! Sure it was only $10 a month, but it's my $10. Still, I was nervous calling. I hate to ruffle feathers. It paid off though! Hopefully no one else has been having this problem.

  7. I have zero problems using coupons. I have only used them at Smiths though because that is my closest store. They ladies there are alwasy so nice and happy to accept my coupon. They don't even have a problem overriding when the computer beeps at them after I explain that I have a store coupon and a Manufacture coupon and they are seperate. IT has a been a pleasant experience. The more each of us stand up for each other the easier it will be.

  8. I have a hard time every tim I use coupons at Walmart. The last time they had 5 ladies at the register looking at my coupons and telling me that there are so many fraudulant coupons that they didn't think they should take them. I explained that if I was trying to fraud them I would be using more than the 2 that we are allowed to print. I had the stores coupon policy with me and they told me that corporate tells them to use their discretion. There was a line of 6 other people behind me and they took 10 minutes before they decided to take them. It made me feel as though the people in line were judging me and thinking I was taking advantage of the store. By the time I left I was fuming!

  9. Marcy-Very Frustrating! Did you end up calling corporate??

  10. By the time I got home I had cooled of and figured I would try one more time before I call corporate. That one more time is going to be today. We'll see.

  11. I just want to put in a positive note that i haven't had problems using coupons. In my experience it is true that the cashier you choose to go to (if you have a choice of more than 1) can make a big difference. Honestly I try to find a young man cashier because a lot of times they will push through any coupon even if it beeps because they don't care enough to tell you it isn't accepted. I am always sure though that i'm following what the coupon parameters are for the product.

  12. i've had problems at the riverdale target. hate to say it, but there's an "older lady/checker" who reads through EACH WORD ON EVERY COUPON – you know, the fine print, i think to make sure "she's not getting one pulled over on her." she's the same one who pulled an all out alert on the batteries coupon back around christmas and really did say, "well this is just too good to be true i think!" anyway, i just make sure i don't end up in her line anymore. one, for the coupon drama and two, b/c my toddler goes bananas waiting for her to study and play police on the coupons. other than that, it's been just dandy!

  13. I'm so glad you wrote this post today. After reading it I ran to my local Wal-mart (Cedar Hills) and had an AWFUL time using my coupons. The cashier actually told me that I was 'taking advantage of the company' by using the game coupons on the card games and not the board game. I looked at her and said, "You're right, I am taking advantage of this great deal!" Then I just stood there as she got her manager, explained to him what I was doing and he finally agreed to take it but said that they had just had a meeting this week about 'coupon people' and are going to be very cautious about what coupons they accept now. I was so irritated but I remember what you wrote and was really nice, firm but nice. Thanks again for your amazing blog!

  14. sarah- i used a game coupon today at the cedar hills walmart without any problem. i think the cashier makes a big difference on how well or not using coupons goes.

  15. I usually have a pretty easy time with coupons at Target. Today they said they couldn't accept a Manufacture Coupon that also had a Walgreen's logo on it. The coupon policy seems a bit vague. It says they can't accept competitor coupons, but I don't really think a manufacture coupon with a different store's logo is a competitor coupon.Have you had experience with this?Thanks!

  16. Usually I have no trouble with coupons at Target, but one funny experience I had was when I had a coupon for "$1 off your next purchase of bic pens" the cashier (not a native English speaker) told me I couldn't use the coupon because it was for my next purchase. I told her "this is my next purchase," but she just didn't get it. I just gave up an tried another day. It was a printable internet coupon.


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