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Ok, so this is an unconventional type of post, but I am really needing help from a few of you who are willing!!

My sister-in-law was wanting to get a FREE Rainbow Wet-Dry Vacuum/CarpetShampooer/Air Purifier System.  In order to get it free, she just had to have 15 people agree to have them come and do a demonstration in their home. You didn’t have to buy it, just let them come and clean your carpet.  So, at first I really didn’t want to, but then I realized that I would be helping her get a $2500 vacuum completely free.  So, I said I would let them come to my home.

Can I just say that it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen!? And, I really, really want it now!  In order for me to get it free, I just have to have 15 people agree to let them come and do a presentation in their home.  There is no obligation and the guy that comes and does the presentation is not pushy at all!  He was actually quite pleasant!

The reason I want it so badly is because it out performed my Dyson easily.  It actually vacuums through a water system so it gets everything out!  It essentially is just like the Stanley Steamer, but for your carpet.  Very, Very cool!  You can even put scents into the water from places like Bath & Body Works so your whole home smells amazing.  It is perfect for people who have allergies too because it actually completely eliminates all dust mites through the water system.  Anyway, I’m not a salesman and I’m definitely not trying to sell you on buying the vacuum… I’m just excited about it!

I usually don’t ask you guys for anything and I normally wouldn’t, but I thought just maybe there would be 15 of you who would be willing to help me out with this!  If you would be willing to let them come and do a presentation, please email me at  Gosh, I would SOOOOO appreciate it!  Thanks everyone!

You can see their website here.

P.S.  My sister-in-law DID end up getting her vaccum system for completely free after she got 15 people to watch the demonstration!  Which makes me even more excited because I now know it is legit and I can get mine free too!

**In order to count towards one of my 15:
You must be at least 21.
You must own or be buying your own home.
Must be employed
If married, both of you need to be there for the presentation.
Can’t already own or have seen the demonstration.

If you meet the requirements above, and are willing to be one of my 15, I am willing to take the 15 people out shopping with me!!!  We will divide a few groups up to go to different stores. Since there are usually a few hundred people who enter the giveaways for a shopping trip with me, I figured this would be a good “Thank You”  gift to you guys for helping me out!  In return, I’ll help you out during the shopping trip!!  Email me asap at if you are interested!

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  1. Hi Melea! I would love this! I will email you with my info. I bet there are enough readers that if a bunch of us signed up, we could have enough people to pass along for a lot of us to have 15 people to share it with. I don't know if that makes sense. 🙂 This sounds like an awesome machine!Chantel

  2. Chantel-Great!! Thanks so much! I have heard from a lot of my readers that the machine is awesome…. So I'm excited. However, I still need more people to help out. So, if there is anyone else who would be willing… I would love you forever!

  3. My mom gave me one when I got married…you won't regret it! I hope you get your 15 people! Also-you don't want to use a dyson on your carpet anyway if you have nice carpet. My family owns a flooring store in Colorado and I know that with some carpet manufacturer's-if something goes wrong with your carpet and you try get it fixed under the warranty-they won't cover it if you use a dyson because it beats us the carpet (basically it's too efficient).

  4. i wish i could help you out! Unfortunately I don't qualify (i'm renting my home). good luck!

  5. We have the wet/dry vacuum and just love it. We have a lot of pets in the house, so it was a must have. I don't recommend the Carpet Shampooer. We were pretty disappointed, but if it comes as a package and you get it for free, who's going to complain 🙂

  6. I really hope you get your Rainbow! They are sooooo great to have! I have had mine for over 5 years and it still works perfect! I wish I could help you out to get it…maybe you can ask for different help to give me a free shopping trip with you…just a thought! I also agree with the carpet shampooer…its not really worth "paying" for. Good Luck!

  7. My Mom has had hers for over 15 years and it still works like new. You'll love it.

  8. I think this might be something we could use. I would be willing to see a presentation.

  9. Great Vicki! That would be so wonderful! Email me at so we can set it up!


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