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Hey everyone, I need your help!  This blog has grown so quickly that I frankly haven’t been able to keep up very well with answering everyone’s questions.  I literally get hundreds and hundreds of emails a day. 

So, if you are on the website, take a second and read other people’s comments.  If you happen to know the answer to someone’s question, feel free to comment back and help them out.  As the blog continues to grow so fast, I know I won’t be able to answer everyone’s questions in a timely manner.  So, I am reaching out for help from all of you.  Many of you have been couponing for awhile, or at least have had experiences that will help others.  So, let’s make this a community and not just a one man show.

Please jump in and answer other questions if I haven’t gotten to answering it myself.  I only ask that you know the answer 100% before you comment back.  Any help would be awesome!  Then, I can spend more time finding more awesome deals to share with all of you!

I definitely DO NOT want to discourage questions in comments or emails….I love them!!  It just may take a little longer for me to answer them.  So any help to answer some of the easier questions would really me out!

Thanks everyone!  You are all doing awesome and it definitely fun to hear all of the deals you have been able to score.  Keep it up!

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  1. Just left info concerning "Feb 7th P&G coupons" on your P&G coupons post. I received mine and can confirm what the offers are!Just check your earlier post.Hope that helps!

  2. Maybe you could put a FAQ section on your site. I know most of us have a lot of the same questions when we are new, if we could look there first instead of having to search the whole site or email you it would be faster and easier for everyone! =D


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