Even more seats for the Coupon Conference!! HURRY AGAIN!

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I cannot believe you guys!  I have sold out twice now and over 220 seats for the Freebies2Deals Coupon Conference in less than 24 hours!!  You guys are so awesome.  I definitely didn’t think they would go this fast. 

I just got off the phone with SLCC AGAIN and I have added the other adjoining room.  So, there are 100 more seats!!  So, if you missed your chance earlier today or yesterday, you will want to jump on this asap!  This event has sold out twice already and I’m guessing by your emails and comments that the 100 seats will sell out again too!

You can Register for the event hereTo see the details about the event, you can read my original post here.

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  1. the FREEBIES code isn't working for me? Am I doing something wrong?

  2. Try it now!

  3. Just a few questions about the conference (maybe you were already planning on another post, if so, sorry)….Will you let us know a building and room number? I'm not familiar with the SLCC Miller Campus.Where do we park?Is there free parking? Will you let us know what we should bring with us? i.e. coupons, coupon holder, pen, notebook, etc.Thanks!LisaBTW Saw you on GTU (you are so cute!) and you did a great job!

  4. Lisa-I will give you guys all of the details about a week before the conference. I have your email addresses from when you registered. So I will email you all! Parking is free!

  5. Here's what I would like – today I need to buy Cascade diswasher detergent. I think it would be cool if there was a place I could go and type in "cascade detergent" and have it come up and tell me where the best price is that week. Grocerysmarts had all that info, but unless you read down through all the stores, you don't know where the best deal is, or where the coupon is located. See what I am asking? Is it possible?

  6. carla-That is a great idea! I will have to work on getting that on the site.I usually only post the deals that I think are really good. You can use the search box on my site to search for Cascade and any information on that will pop up. That is a short solution for right now. Also, has a great list that may be what you are looking for. Just click on the shopping wizard when you get there.

  7. YEAA!! i just recieved an email from nielson homescan ( now NCP) and they have sent my scanner! i am so excited! i didn't think it was possible to qualify, but it is!!

  8. Melea, Have you ever used the site I just heard about it and checked it out and was able to get 20 items for a total of $24. My total came to $50.33 and they have instant coupons and an extra $10 off when you spend $50. Shipping is always free. They have your normal everyday household products. I was able to get deoderant, hair styling products, lotions, paper towels, face cleanser and multi vitamins. Seemed like a good deal and I don't have to fight with the stores and whether they will take my coupons or not. Although, I will still continue to fight, but just not as much.

  9. How early are we going to have to show up. I ordered my tickets the first time around but am i going to get stuck in the back? I know i sound like a brat but i was on top of things and acted fast on getting the tickets and don't really want to be stuck in a crappy seat?

  10. Where is the SLCC Miller campus?

  11. I don't think you will have to show up that early since everyone has already paid. It is a pretty big seating area with a great setup. So, dont worry too much. If you are really worried about it, you can email me. Egabbard-It is on about 90th south and right off I-15 in Sandy. The correct address is located on the registration page. I will send everyone directions and more info about details about a week before the event.


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