A Frugal Valentine's Day!

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I know how much we would all like to splurge and do something extravagant for Valentine’s Day.  But, sometimes it just isn’t in the budget.  So, I thought I would put together a list of cheap or free things you can do to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  My husband actually helped me come up with a bunch of these.  He is so good at coming up with creative things to do!

I’m going to keep this post PG rated, but you can definitely vamp up the rating with your own imagination! 🙂

1-  Make a candlelight dinner for you and your husband.  Have it ready when he gets home as a surprise.

2- Make Valentine’s Day all about your husband.  So many times it is about the woman, but why not make it all about your man?  Watch a sporting event or go to one that he really wants to watch.  And participate!  Act excited when someone scores or get upset when a bad call is made.  Remember how hard you tried when you were dating?  Try to get back to that for just one night.  Give him a massage during the sporting event or other things to make it all about him.

3- Make it a game night, except up the stakes a bit.  Play some of your favorite board games as a couple and make bets on who will win.  The winner gets to choose his or her prize.

4- Surprise your husband at work with his favorite homemade treat.  Or, make a giant Chocolate Chip Cookie in the shape of a Heart.  You could take hershey’s kisses and take out the wrapper and put in your own.  You can re-wrap any candy and put your own message inside.

5- Make a coupon booklet of your own.  Each coupon can redeem something.  For example, you can have one of the coupons say “One Free Massage for 20 minutes”.  **Make sure you put an expiration date, or it will come back to haunt you two years later! 

6- Do a scavenger hunt.  Have your husband go all over the house or neighborhood following the clues.  The ending clue can be wherever you want, a restaurant, maybe somewhere that is special for the two of you, or maybe even the bedroom.

7- Do a movie night.  Rent a couples movie from Redbox.  There are a few codes you can use to get a free movie.  You can only use each code once per credit card. 

DVDATWAG (only at Walgreens)
REDBOX  (Thanks Southern Savers for the codes!)

8- Write a letter stating the 50 things I love about you.  Or you can just write a letter about how much he means to you and how happy you are that he is in your life.

9-  Leave sticky notes all around the house and his car.  Each one can have a coupon on them to use later, or just telling him things you love about him.

10-  After we have been married for awhile, we tend to get comfortable and not try as hard anymore.  So, do a few things on Valentine’s Day that you used to do as a couple.  Think about it and get creative.  I’m sure you can think of something you used to do that he absolutely loved!

I hope those help!  Even if you are strapping for money, there is no reason why we all cant celebrate the holiday.  Remember, it all comes down to showing love.

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  1. hi! i dont know if you already blogged about it or not but today is "ride the bus for FREE" day in Utah. all bus and tracks are free to ride today!

  2. Thanks for all the great ideas! My husband will love it!!!


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