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I received a pretty rude comment today from a reader thinking that My Points was a scam and discrediting the deals I post on my site.  For the record, I just wanted to let you all know that I would never post anything that I think is a scam or anything that is a waste of your time!  It really hurts my feelings to even think that someone would think that about my site.  Posting a scam would have no benefit for me or for you!

As far as My Points goes, let me make a few points.  With any site that you are not familiar with you need to make sure you understand how the site works.  If for any reason you ever don’t understand how it works, please contact me directly and ask.  More than likely, you just don’t understand the best way to use the site.

My points gives you points for doing a number of things.  I personally do not like to sign up for “offers”.  You can choose to if you want, you will get more points.  But, if you do not want to sign up for offers, you can STILL get points.  In both the survey section and the emails that you receive, My Points will clearly state that if you do not wish to take the offer, you will still get 5 points just for clicking on the link.  So I always click on the link and then immediately close the page.  I don’t even wait for the offer to completely load.  Each and every time I have gotten my points.  In the past 3 days, I have received 80 points just for doing exactly that.  If the points don’t show up on your main account page, you just need to refresh your browser and the points will adjust.

If you don’t want to buy, purchase or do any offers, this is the best way to build up your points.  It may go a little slower to get your gift cards and rewards, but it is completely free.  If it was any easier, My Points would go out of business.  And by all means, if you want to do a free offer for Netflix and get a good amount of points, go for it! 

Just please know that I really do go out of my way to find you the deals and offers that are creditable!  If you ever have any concerns, please contact me so I can help with any clarification.  Thanks.

**Sorry for the venting guys, it was just something I needed to get off my chest!  I wanted to make sure we were all on the same page and I definitely didn’t want anyone else to be mis-informed.

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  1. wow im sorry they were so rude!! i love your site and appreciate all you do!! if i may ask how do you organize all your coupons?

  2. all you put on your site is so helpful and good. don't listen to rude comments from anyone! hope you have a great day!

  3. I can also vouch for I have been a member with Mypoints for 12 years! When it began it was over the phone…those were they days! I have gotten a TON of free stuff through the gift card redemptions. I usually don't sign up for stuff, unless it is something I am already buying. Last month I got 250 points just for ordering our Domino's pizza through the Mypoints link. Also, many of the online sites I order from are affiliates, so if I order through the Mypoints link I am able to rack up the points.

  4. I too have gotten tons of free stuff from mypoints. I pretty much just click on the emails and get 5 points and then close the page. When I have something I need to buy online I check if they have a link on Mypoints. Usually they do and I get points for things I was planning on buying anyway.I is a great program. I do use an email that does not connect with my regular email, just so I don't crowd my inbox.

  5. I really appreciate your work sharing all of this with us. As far as jerks go, they exists and the best advice I ever got was if a nasty email/comment appears just delete it and try to forget about it.I think it's good for us to hear you don't only post things you believe in but I really don't even think you need to address jerk people. We know you are trying to be helpful.Also I don't want you to feel like you have to be responsible for all these companies. It's a wonderful service you're providing sharing all these deals and the tricks you learned. They've got their own help things and you don't want people thinking they can blame you if something goes weird with one of these deals, after all it's not you're fault. I spent a couple hours trying to figure out mypoints and swagbucks last night exploring their sites and f&qs.Thanks so much again, I really hope this isn't taken as unwanted advice I really wanted to encourage you and let you know your work is totally appreciated.

  6. Some people are just grouchy! You do a great job and don't worry about the haters!!

  7. I'm so glad you posted this! (not that you got yelled at!) I was signed up for a My Points acct and didn't really pay attention to how it worked, I was just annoyed that they sent so many emails. After reading your post I went back and clicked on all of the offers and have almost 150 points in just a few minutes!!! Thanks for posting-I am addicted to your site, I check it about 10 times a day!!! 😀

  8. Michelle-If you are getting a bunch of emails from the offers you signed up for, just click unsubscribe at the bottom of the emails. They should stop coming.I only receive 1 email a day and it is to click and get 5 points.That should clean up your inbox.Melea

  9. I, too, appreciate all your hard work to make it so easy for us to get good deals! You're awesome!

  10. I have learned so much about saving money from you… I love reading your posts! Thanks for your hard work!

  11. Just wanted to tell you Thank you for all of these great deals. I've saved so much money thanks to you! I check your site so many times a day, and I've referred your site to many friends. Thank You again! Sorry, there are always people who can't just appreciate a good thing.

  12. Has the survey section disappeared? Yesterday I took one official survey and haven't seen the surveys since. Also I did a few of those 5 point share your opinion things and now those have disappeared on me too. Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience

  13. I have not signed up for my points but love your site. I check it a million times a day. You provide us all with great information and deals we otherwise would not know about. I want to thank you for all of your HARD work and all of the information you share with us. We love you!


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