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Clarification on "Offers"

DISCLOSURE: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning when you click the links and make a purchase, we receive a commission.

I have had questions about this with more readers coming to the site.  So, I thought I would clarify how “Offers” work.

Companies get paid by offering “offers”.  You may go to a site and have a pop up asking you to fill out the information to get a gift card, or to get an insurance quote or to get other unbelievable items for free.  There are different types of offers, but this post will give you a general idea. 

I will only post deals and freebies that are completely free.  I will check them out before I post them.  However, sometimes the companies will have a pop up page come up asking you to fill out other offers.  This can confuse people because they think they need to fill out all of those “offers” in order to get the freebie they originally wanted.  This is the idea and this is how a lot of companies make money.  They get money from whatever company is offering the “offer”.  And when you fill in your info, they get to use it for marketing purposes.  That is why they pay for your information.

Even legit companies will have an “offers” tab or something similar because in the end it is all about money.  So, if I ever give you links to companies, free sites or couponing sites, just remember, that you do not have to sign up for any offers.  But, if I have mentioned them, that means they have some pretty cool things for completely free or maybe have awesome coupon links.

However, sometimes there are some cool offers you may want to sign up for… like a free trial of NetFlix or something similar.  I just wanted all of you to be aware of how it works and why you may see these in the future.  If you do choose to sign up for those, you are on your own.  But you are more than welcome to try out any offers that you want!  I just wanted you to be aware that they are out there.  Some good and some bad.

I hope this helps clarify some things for all of you!

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