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Hi Everyone!! So most of you know that I recently started my own vocal studio. And everything with that has been going awesome! However, I have felt like I needed more.

During the past 14 years, I have had an extensive run in the music industry. I have instructed over 450 students in Artists Development, Stage Presence, Recording Studio Techniques, Producing, Performing Ability, and Vocal Training. And for seven years, I produced and choreographed professional performing groups that have traveled all over the world. My own accomplishments include being involved with Season 1 of American Idol, being featured on MTV, signing record deals, working with record labels and A&Rs, and performing onstage, on radio and in concert venues all over the world.

I have been a Speech Level Singer since I was 13 and teach that same technique at my studio. (Speech Level Singing is a proven way to sing without damaging your vocal chords. Famous musicians like Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Madonna are examples of those who study this method.) Dean Kaelin, vocal coach for David Archuletta, is a SLS teacher and is one of my colleagues.

While teaching vocal lessons, I realized that there are a lot of really talented people that just need a little direction. Since my decision to focus mainly on my new family, I have limited myself to teaching private vocal lessons as well as developing future recording artists and getting them set up with the right people to achieve their performing dreams. I have found that many people are on “The Breaking Edge” and just dont know where to go or what to do next. I started a new blog to give a little guidance. Check out

It will be filled with information about demos, musical competitions, A&R contacts, local producers, promotion/artist development and how to distribute your music on iTunes and other online retailers. There really is too much talent here in Utah to let it go unnoticed nationally. Hopefully, my knowledge of the industry will give other musicians an advantage.

I am already developing a few up and coming artists and getting them ready to sign record deals. I will be posting information about their adventures as well on Spread the word! Especially if you know someone who is a musician or who is an aspiring singer!

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