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Wow, I feel so completely overwhelmed right now!~ I don’t usually watch Oprah, but today (for some reason) I did. And it was definitely a Godsend. Today I learned to be thankful and to love being a mom- to be thankful for my life no matter what happens- and to realize there is always someone out there who has it worse than I do. I can’t take for granted the experiences and changes that come along in life.

Oprah featured a couple, Stephanie and Christian Nielsen, who were involved in a plane crash. Stephanie received burns over 80% of her body and her husband 30%. They were both in comas and have been recovering ever since. On top of all of this, Stephanie is a mother of 4 small children all under the age of 8.

The good part about all of this?? The Nielsens are members of the LDS Church and preside in Provo, UT. And they had the opportunity to share a day in the life with an Oprah viewer who felt like being a mom, staying home all day and playing with play dough was completely awful. She hated her life and wished she didn’t have to stay home with her kids all day.

One thing that the Oprah viewer mentioned was that she was so overwhelmed by the complete peace, warmth and energy that she felt in the Nielsen’s home. I immediately recognized it as the Holy Ghost presiding in the home. But, for this viewer it was something that she longed for and never felt so strongly before. First of all, how amazing that the Nielsen’s could share that with the viewer and also with all of America. Her constant struggle and recovery has given her such a powerful voice.

Stephanie has had a successful blog for a few years; winning awards and has thousands of followers. It’s all based on her life as a mother and funny experiences. You can read a much better description of her story here:

Stephanie’s Blog also features a huge button that states she is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with a corresponding link to the church’s website. How bold and cool of her to use her life- altering experience as a missionary tool!

Check out her blog for yourself: It’s really more inspiration that you possibly think you can handle. I personally have been depressed lately just because I can’t get off the last bit of the baby weight and here is someone who has burns and scars over her entire body. Stephanie has made me appreciate my life today! Let her help you appreciate yours!

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  1. Her story is so amazing. I loved that she was on Oprah today! It totally makes you realize that there is always someone going through something worse then you!PS…the story right before it happened right by Brooks' mom's house in Florida.


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