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Recently I read a friend’s post. One part of it explained how she had to get over the fact that if people didn’t like her, then she wasn’t going to let it get to her. She was finally “Ok” with some people not wanting to be friends, despite all of her best efforts. Wow, can I just say that really hit home for me?

There are friends that you have had since college and slowly people change. Whether it is you, them or both of you… something changes. It feels like it almost happens without you even knowing. I have just felt recently like I am always the instigator. Always the one trying to make get-togethers happen. I feel like friendships should never be one-sided. Why would you want to be friends with someone who doesn’t want to be friends with you?

I have had this epiphany many times in my life as I’ve grown up. But some friends are a lot harder to move on from; especially ones you have considered a “best” friend. I have found myself looking back and wondering if I said something offensive and can never come up with anything that might have been said or done…. and then I realize that you can’t make someone be a friend who doesn’t want to be.

I am a fixer. I always want to fix things. But sometimes you will never know what really happened to make everything change.

Making friends once you are married and have kids is a lot harder than it was when you were single. And maybe that’s why I feel more heartache for old friends you lose along the way.

But I am lucky to have people in my life that I still do consider to be friends. And it is not just one-sided. But if you are reading this post, try to think about friends that maybe you aren’t making a lot of effort to see or contact…Sometimes life just gets hectic and things pile up. But an email, text or a phone call really doesn’t take that long.

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  1. Melea, I loved that post. I think you are such a good friend, and I love that you make an effort to do things! It really is harder to make friends when you are older for some reason…especially "good" friends. Thanks for being a good friend.

  2. Melea, you are a great friend. Good thing I have you cause you do help me not be such a drab all the time. Loved this post, sooo true.

  3. I totally agree. I also had a friend who I considered a "best" friend and she just up and decided she didn't want to be friends anymore and when I asked her why she had no explanation. I felt like I had had a break-up with a boyfriend! It really hurt me. But now I've made new friends who are much better friends anyway, so I guess things have a way of working themselves out. I couldn't agree more with surrounding yourself with people who actually want to be friends with you!! You are darling and your baby is beautiful!!


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