Things I Definitely Won't Miss About Being Pregnant!

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So after a long 9 months or longer being pregnant, you definitely come up with a lot of things that you are completely sick of!! Here is my individual list of things I am looking forward to being over with! I am going to be induced this week… so hopefully the things on this list will be gone soon! I’m sure you all have your own list… but this is my own.. ENJOY!

Things I won’t miss about being pregnant

1- Having Kankles for the first time in my life.
2- The ridiculous weight gain
3- Gaining even more weight in just water….
4- Having numb hands, fingers and forearms all day and night
5- Being nauseus
6- Being anemic and soooo tired
7- Missing out on all the fun activities you could do when you weren’t pregnant!
8- Being able to walk for five minutes without gasping for breath
9- All of the uncontrollable bodily functions
10- Not being able to cuddle with my husband because my stomach pushes him off the couch
11- Not being able to sleep on my stomach!!! Oh I miss this the most!
12- Thinking you can bend over and get something… and then halfway down you get stuck.
13- Having sciatic nerve pain constantly
14- Having fake but seriously painful contractions that are never real!
15- Having Acid reflux even went you eat healthy food
16- Having an overly dirty house because you just cant get up the energy to do anything about it
17- Never having clothes that fit

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  1. That was fun to read. Oh the joys of pregnancy! Good luck at your doctors appointment today. You will have to tell me how it goes!

  2. that list made me laugh! The only thing you won't get back for awhile is being able to sleep on your stomach. Your boobs will be to painful to touch for the first month!!! Good luck with everything.

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