My Most Embarrasing/ Stupidest Moment of My Life!

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So, on Monday I decided to go out to the Walmart in Saratoga Springs because it isnt as crowded as the American Fork one. It was raining like crazy as I was leaving and if you have driven out there… there is a lot of construction going on. When I pulled out of Walmart I wanted to go left, but could only go right. There are only two lanes of traffic divided by those orange construction cones. When the oncoming traffic slowed, I decided I would just make a U- turn and go the other way. Well as I turned, just on the other side of the road was a slanted embankment of mud. I figured I would be ok but my right tires caught on the mud and slid me sideways down the hill into a barbed wire fence. As I was sliding, I tried to save it, but being in a rear-wheel drive car didn’t help much and once I knew I was going down all I could think of was “Don’t hit the car, Brady will kill you!”. So, I missed the metal pole holding the fence up and was relieved. And then tried to see if I could get myself out.
My tires spun like crazy but I was totally stuck. And because of the construction traffic everyone was driving by slowly and staring.
Here I am, nine months pregnant and about to pop. It’s raining. The mud isn’t even mud, it’s clay mud. I’m wearing flip-flops and white shorts as I get out of the car and am doing my best to not fall on my pregnant butt in front of all of the traffic.
And then I realize, how in the world am I going to get out of this?? Brady works downtown. I don’t want to call a tow-truck… because all I think that I need is a good push from the front of the car and I should be able to get out.
So, I decided in my brilliance to call 9-1-1 to see if an officer could come help a pregnant lady out.
While I was doing this, a mexican guy pulled off of the road onto the mud to see if he could help me… but he got stuck too! So, now two of us are stuck in the mud completely helpless.
About 15 minutes goes by and I see a police SUV drving towards us. He flips around and parks behind the Mexican’s van that is parked behind me. But, he never gets out of the car. I was thinking he would come and talk to me or something. I thought maybe he was just waiting for back-up.
Well, all of a sudden I hear police sirens and see a firetruck. And I’m thinking to myself… oh please don’t be for me… please don’t be for me. Let me remind you that the traffic is going even slower now and people are really staring. The firetruck slows down and pulls off on the opposite side of the road and they get out to come over to me. Next an ambulance shows up and everyone gets out to come and talk to me.
Everyone is asking if I am ok…. they tend to over worry a bit when you are pregnant. I end up having to sign a release stating that I am fine.
While all of this is going on, I realize that the SUV police car that came earlier actually got stuck too! So, everyone who has come to help me is now stuck in the mud along with me.
The police completely stop traffic for 20 minutes so they can tow their SUV out of the the mud and then pull the van out. At the same time, I am on the phone with Brady and he is freaking out because he doesn’t want them to pull our bumper off of our car while they try to pull me out. So Brady decides he will do it himself with his truck.
Everyone finally leaves and I’m waiting for Brady to get there. I have my safety hazards on because I don’t want anyone to hit me… but I think, Maybe I should lie down so no one will try to stop and help again. About 5 minutes later I hear a car and by the time I sit up, I see a guy walking away from my car. I guess he had stopped to see if I needed help. He was in a Jeep… and I thought… Oh no, he pulled out on the mud. Guess what? He got stuck too! So, he is trying to get out and while doing so slams his car a couple times into the metal pole and puts a gigantic dent into the side of his jeep. A truck stops and asks if I need help and I say I’m waiting for my husband and he pulls out the Jeep instead! I felt so bad. So far I have had 3 other cars get stuck because of me!
Brady finally shows up and we have everything we need. He hooks up the rope to pull me out and then…. guess what??? My car won’t start!!!! I have been sitting there so long that my battery had died. So, then we had to go over to the walmart and get jumper cables… because of course, our jumper cables are in our garage. What a great place to keep them right??? We jump my car and then finally get me home.
I have never had an embarrasing moment before in my life…. but I still say this is now it. I just wanted a little push and I ended up having the entire Saratoga Springs Brigade come out to my rescue. What a day!

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  1. Oh Melea…that really stinks, but it is funny! I am sorry! I can't imagine how frustrated you were!

  2. Well, at least you didn't go into labor!!! That was quite the day you had!!

  3. Oh my gosh, I wonder if I was one of those people who was slowing down to stare?! 😉 j/k That's awful though! Are your white shorts okay???


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