Coupon Addicted

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I went to enrichment about two weeks ago and one of the girls talked about using coupons and how much money she saved. About a year ago, I thought I would try it and tried using But I found the site to be cluttery and hard to understand… so I just didn’t get how to do it all. The lady at enrichment said she used and has saved so much money! She brought this gigantic basket full of stuff she had either gotten free or for less than a dollar all within the last month. She had only spent $14 on over $150 worth of stuff!

So I decided to try it! And I’m totally addicted. It is amazing how much money you can save. I have only been doing this for two weeks and I have already been saving tons! I only have about 3 weeks of coupons so far… so i know I am not saving as much as I could be. But I figure within a month or so, I should be on top of it and saving even more than I am now!

Just to give you an idea…. I have bought over $180 worth of groceries in the last two weeks. I have only actually paid $70 for all of it. That means I have saved $110 in two weeks on groceries! Isn’t that just insane?? Think how much I could save once I have been doing it a little longer and have the coupons I need! The best part is that is is completely free to use She does all of the work. She sends you an email twice a week telling you what stores have which deals. It has been pretty easy to catch on to. I’m way excited!
Here is a pic of what I got! It is hard to see but I have gotten A1 steak sauce for 8 cents, aspirin for 50 cents, Aluminum foil for 50 cents, 2 gallon milk for 25 cents… the list just goes on and on!!

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  1. I love it! I wish there was a website like that for stores in Atlanta! All the websites/blogs I've been to are sooo confusing!

  2. OK, so I went to a class last night, and I am officially converted. I think we should go shopping together!!

  3. I started couponing in April and TOTALLY addicted!! It is almost a game of what you can get for free!! I love it! My husband thinks I am crazy but when you can get Kellog's cereal for free! why not?!!!


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