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Wow, it has defnitely been a long time since I updated the blog. I guess I really don’t feel like there is anything that amazing to talk about since we don’t have kids that do funny stuff everyday.

So, in a nutshell, this is what we have been up to!

-Brady is the number 1 team in his full-contact flag football league. They are in the middle of the playoffs right now! It’s a lot of fun to watch.
-I personally had my own powder-puff football game last weekend and am happy to say that I did not get hurt. I was planning on it though! 🙂 I think the Powder-Puff games are even more rough than when the boys play.
-Halloween came and went…. and I have decided that I am actually going to have to plan something next year. I love the holiday but the grown-ups never go and do fun things because of the kids. So I have decided to be in charge next year of having an awesome Halloween!
-I have decided that a strobe light and scary music will get the kids to come to our house next halloween. We live at the end of a circle. It’s hard to get kids to come down there…. so I am going to lure them 🙂
– Forever 21 is one of the worst companies I have ever worked for. I was there three weeks and even promoted after only one week…. but the company was shady. Still love the clothes, and they have amazing prices… but they don’t know how to run a solid business.
– Brady and I started working for a company called ACN in our spare time. They work with Direct TV, Dish and all of the cell phone companies and can actually get it cheaper than the actual company because they don’t spend any money on advertising. So if any of you want free cell phones, or a hook-up with Direct TV. Just let us know!!!
– I dyed my hair dark brown a couple week ago because Brady wanted me to. I liked it a lot. When I went back to get it dyed again, it turned out pretty close to black… not really a fan of that. I’m praying that it will fade fast!! But it is still a fun change!

I think that is all I can think of at the moment for the update!! But I will work harder on updating regularly!

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  1. Hey Melea,This is Heather Paxman, I talked to you a couple of sundays ago…your hair is really cute dark by the way!! Anyways I was reading your post the other day about your part time job with the cell phone company, and Kevin lost his cell phone on Saturday, we can’t find it anywhere and we were wondering what kind of deals you can get for Sprint phones! Can you call me when you get a chance? Thanks so much Melea! 766-2676

  2. Hi Melea! I just found your blog through lindsay clements. so fun! I am excited to read up and get to know you more! I didn’t know you had just graduated. very exciting! congrats! talk to you soon!


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