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So most of you know that I sing. I auditioned for the first american idol 8 years ago. I made it through a bunch of rounds and ended up in the top 50 in LA.

I decided about six months ago that I would tryout again only if they came to Utah…. which they did.

Auditions were yesterday. I felt completly confident and ready to go for auditions. But after I sang my song, the judges said that I was “too good”. Are you freaking kidding me?!! I understand it is a Reality TV show… but isn’t the point of American Idol to have amazing talent?? What do you mean I’m too good to be on the show??!! So frustrating!! Should I have tried to sing a little worse? I’m trying to be positive about it. I mean, I would rather be too good than be told that I wasn’t good enough right??

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  1. That is crazy, what a joke. I’m getting sick of that show.

  2. Brooks told me about your audition! I am sad you didn’t make it through! But at least you tried right! You are an amazing singer!

  3. Bummer! I would have loved to watch you on that show. You would’ve been amazing! I wish they would showcase more people with real talent, and not do all the “Bad auditions.” That part really annoys me.

  4. Wow, I’m so sorry! 🙁 Well, at least WE all know how amazing you sing!!


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