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For those of you who may not know, I teach private vocal lessons and performing groups at a studio in Salt Lake. At the end of the year, some of the groups go on tour. The studio takes these kids all over the world. Where they go on tour usually depends on their age and what level they are. Older kids usually go internationally, while the youngest kids (9-12) go to places like Los Angeles.

I was lucky enough to go on two tours this year. So I was gone for two weeks. The first tour was for a group called USA. We went to Seattle. I lived in Seattle when I was way young and all I remember was that I hated it because of the weather. I thought maybe I was just exaggerating from my childhood memories… but, NOPE! I was wrong! It was cold and rainy the whole time. I believe we saw the sun twice during the whole trip… and that was only for a few minutes. I was lucky enough to get the flu as well while I was there. If you are an instructor, it is not a good thing to get sick. You are in charge of 60 plus people. Have you noticed that I get sick a lot??? I think I must have a messed up immune system or something.

Anyway, the second tour was much better weather wise! LA was 90-105 degrees the whole time we were there. And I LOVED IT!! The groups got to perform in Disneyland, Universal Studios and other places around Southern California. I forgot my camera on the Seattle trip… so the pictures are from my all girl group in California.
While we were at Universal Studios, we went on the Jurrasic Park ride. We got absolutely soaked! Some of the moms went too!

One of my most favorite things in the entire world is fireworks!! And of course, Disneyland has fireworks everynight. So, I shot just the finale… just in case anyone else likes fireworks too!!

Whooooo! It gives me excitedness chills everytime! And it’s not even that ellaborate!

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  1. Looks like you had a blast on your tour!! At least in LA…I don’t think I’d like the rainy Seattle weather either. And I’m totally with ya on the fireworks! I LOVE THEM!


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