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So… for a long time, I have been hearing about this series of books called Twilight. All I heard was that it was about vampires and some girl fell in love with one and that everyone was falling in love with some vampire guy named Edward….. Honestly, I thought it sounded really stupid! Why would I want to read a book about Vampires?
But……. it usually takes some talking into (usually done by myself) but I gave in and read the first book! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! If you haven’t read it yet, don’t let people tell you it is about vampires…. that will just scare you off.
I will say that I have been so completely enamored by the books that I have read the first two books in just three days and I’m already moving on to book three. Everyone needs a good love story every once and a while!
So, after reading again…. I used to do it a lot when I was younger….. I have decided that a Book Club is in order! I know that they have them in wards…. but they usually read stupid books. I don’t want to read for education… I want to read to escape!
So does anyone want to put together a Book Club??? It can be at a different person’s house each month and whoever’s house it is can choose the book. I figure since our husbands are always out doing their sports…. we could get together too! 🙂 Anyone down???

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  1. I obviously can’t be in your book club, but I can recommend some fun ones to read (since I go to the library like every week – yes, I’m a nerd and LOVE to read). Emily Giffin writes fun, chic lit. “Something Blue” is my fav, but “Baby Proof” and “Something Borrowed” were good too!

  2. Did you know that they’re coming out with the movie in Dec.? And the new book comes out in August. I love those books, too! So fun

  3. Let me be one of the first people to introduce you to the “Edward and Bella fan club!” I actually did a post about these books on my blog a few months back. I absolutely HATE reading, and I always have. Everyone was telling me about these vampire books, but I was not in the least bit interested. Well, over Christmas break, I went home and all my sisters were talking about them. I figured, what the hell, I’ll read them. I could’t put them down! I finished all 3 books in a week!! I’m so excited for the 4th book! And the movie! If you go to my blog, I’ve got a link to Stephenie Meyer’s page. It’s got movie clips for Twilight, and it also has a rough draft of the first chapter of the 5th book! Go check out her site, if you haven’t already! Wow, I’ve written a novel. But I can’t help it, I’m in love with these books!

  4. I hope you have finished the books this week! Let me know if you do the book club thing, I am totally interested!!

  5. Hey, I’ll join in your book club from St. George! 🙂 Just tell me what the book of the month (or however often you do it) is and I’ll read it too! I love to read, I just haven’t found anything good to read lately. I guess I’ll give in and try “Twilight.”

  6. Edward is hot! Jacob is hotter! It’s been a while since I’ve read the books and that’s about all I remember. Sorry about the other night…thanks for the invite to the game and everything – I got the message after the fact and still should of called. We’ll have to find another time to hang out! Hope you’re feeling better….that didn’t sound fun.


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