My Favorite Benefits of Journaling

Do you keep a journal? Are you thinking about starting? I sporadically kept a journal as a kid, but once I became an adult I always felt that it was something that I was too busy for. Quite a while back I decided to start up again and oh my goodness, has it been a life changing thing for me.  READ MORE »

4 Reasons You Should Be Journaling

Have you ever journaled? Keeping a journal can be a huge benefit for quite a few reasons. Whether you are a parent, a student or anything in between there are many reasons why journaling can help you.  READ MORE »

How to Get Started Journaling


Is journaling on your to-do list for 2022? If you are new to journaling, they may seem a bit intimidating to you. I don’t blame you. When I was young, journaling simply meant to write down thoughts and experiences throughout your day. If you Google journaling today, the stuff you see will look a whole lot different.  READ MORE »

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