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Our Favorite Things to Take on a Road Trip From the Dollar Store!

We’re coming up on spring break which for us means… ROAD TRIP! We’re excited to get away for a bit but I also know it can make for a long day in the car. So to help keep our sanity I made a trip to the dollar store to stock up on some new and fun things for the kids to do. The dollar store (or dollar twenty five store now) did not disappoint. Let me show you some of my favorite items I found! READ MORE »

Dollar Tree: Prices Raising to $1.25 Nationwide!

Well, I guess it was bound to happen. Dollar Tree will soon have items on their shelves that will cost over $1. In their press release they stated, “The $1.25 price point, which will apply to a majority of Dollar Tree’s assortment, will enhance the Company’s ability to materially expand its offerings, introduce new products and sizes, and provide families with more of their daily essentials.” READ MORE »

Dollar Tree: $1 Flat-Rate Shipping!

Sometimes shopping online save so much time! If you’re looking to get a little Dollar Tree shopping done for Christmas now is a good time! They’re offering $1 Flat-rate shipping for a limited time! They have adorable and fun Christmas decor, great stocking stuffers or pick up some stuff for your local shelter or soldiers overseas. READ MORE »

Dollar Tree Coupon Matchups – Jul 13 – 20


To see the Dollar Tree matchups, please click the button below this line that says Read More READ MORE »

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