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If you aren’t going to purchase Star Wars: The Force Awakens with any of the deals listed in this post, or this post, then renting it for only $1 or $2 from home would be the perfect option! READ MORE »

How to Rent Star Wars Movies for only $1.00! This is the Only Place You Can Rent the Movies!

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After being at Disneyland last week and seeing all of the Star Wars Characters, my kids wanted to watch Star Wars for the first time.  So as I was looking around to watch the 1st episode: The Phantom Menace, I realized there was NO WHERE to actually rent the movies.  WHAT??!  You could only purchase them! So once I figured it out, I wanted you all to know how to rent the Star Wars movies! READ MORE »

You’re Gonna Want This for Movie Night! Rent New Release Movies for $1, No Need to Return and Safely Edit ANY Movie Legally!

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Have you guys heard of VidAngel?  I thought it was too good to be true when I first heard about it.  So I tested it out and can tell you it’s legit and is going to get a lot of families excited! READ MORE »

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