Tune-In Tuesday!

Tune-In Tuesday: How to Shop at Walgreens!

This is probably the video people are looking forward to the most. So I really hope it helps clear up any confusion on how to use coupons at Walgreens and combine them with Register Rewards. Enjoy! (After watching the video back, I realized how much noise was all around us. Sorry! I’ll have to work on my videotaping skills. LOL) READ MORE »

Announcing “Tune-In Tuesday”! Starts Tomorrow!

Last week, I asked everyone on the Freebies2Deals Facebook page what kinds of things they would like help with.  And, since most people learn visually, I thought it might be a good idea to start back up my videos that I used to do when I first started the Freebies2Deals site.  I think that will help everyone learn how to use coupons and all of the other tricks that are hard to explain just by typing! READ MORE »

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