$10 Off Ponyo Blu-Ray/DVD Combo

Disney is releasing Ponyo on Tuesday this week.  There is a great $10 off the Blu-Ray/DVD Verison of Ponyo!  Target and Best Buy both have advertised their Blu-Ray Combo Pack to be priced at $24.99.  With coupon, the total cost is $14.99!  READ MORE »

Just a reminder about a FREE Day at Disney!

I have had a few readers email me about the Free Day at Disneyland and Disney World.  So I thought I would post it again for all of the new readers to the site. READ MORE »

WOW! Disney's Princess and the Frog Pre-Order Deal too!

Wow!  Amazon is all over the pre-order deals!  READ MORE »

More Disney Movie Rewards Points!

I have another code for you to enter in your Disney Movie Rewards Account!  It may not work for everyone, but give it a try. READ MORE »

UP! DVD Only $6.00 at Target~

UPDATE- This link may not work for everyone.  The coupon may have reached its limit. READ MORE »

Alice in Wonderland Sweepstakes! 50 Bonus Disney Movie Rewards Points!

I don’t usually post Sweepstakes or contest info… but lately, you get some pretty cool stuff just for signing up! READ MORE »

Disney Movie Rewards Code!

I just got an email from Disney Movie Rewards.  At the bottom of the email was a code.  It is a one-time use, but I believe everyone should be able to use it one time. You will get 5 more points added to your total. The code is 329vndj831.  Just go here and enter in your code.  If you don’t have an account yet, sign up for a free account and earn points towards free Disney DVDs.  They will even send you a free Disney Blu-Ray DVD on your birthday! READ MORE »

Disney Rewards! 50 Free Points

Disney Rewards-

This is how it works!  Inside Disney DVDs and Blu-Rays that you buy, there is a special code you can enter to get Disney Reward Points. You can even get points for seeing Disney movies in the theater. Once your points start adding up, you can redeem them for different prizes, including more Disney DVDs.  READ MORE »

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