How to save on Party Supplies and Decor


party decor

Are you planning a party for the end of Summer? Labor day is coming up after all. Or are you thinking ahead to the holidays? READ MORE »

Use These Streaming Services to Save on Cable

cable alternatives

What do you do for entertainment in your home?  Do you use cable or satellite TV?  How much do you pay?  I’m guessing you would prefer not to answer that question, because the fact it, it’s expensive!  The average cable bill right now is around $100 per month.  $100!!!  That is $1200 per year that is being spent just to watch TV. READ MORE »

How to Save When You’re Shopping for a New Baby

how to save when shopping for a new baby

Having a new baby is many things from scary, to exciting to a total blast, but one thing it doesn’t have to be is expensive.  Many people will tell you that you have to have thousands of dollars to prepare for a baby and aside from your medical expenses, this is simply untrue.  There are things that you can do to prepare for a baby that doesn’t stretch your budget! READ MORE »

10 Tips to Help You Save $500 by the End of the Year

10 tips

Most of us have expenses in our lives that interfere with our budgets.  Do you know where your budget leaks are?   READ MORE »

How to Rent Textbooks & Save Money!

freebies2deals-textbooksOkay, are you guys gearing up for another school year? One big expense, if you are in college, are the textbooks!  Each book can be nearly $100, which adds up so quickly.  So, to save some money, be sure you aren’t paying full price on your textbooks.  Here are two simple ways you can actually rent your books and then just return them when you’re done.  This way you only pay a fraction of the price! READ MORE »

15 Back to School Lunch Box Tips to Help You Get Started on The Right Foot!


School is starting up for most of us this month which means we’re all starting to think about school lunch boxes and how to keep them interesting yet easy enough on us we’re not stressing them every night or morning. Here are 15 different lunch box hacks to get you started on the right foot this school year. READ MORE »

4 Ways to Save on Airfare

4 ways to save on airfare

Are you planning a vacation in the near (or far) future?  Would you like to get a jump start on saving on your trip? READ MORE »

How to Get Away With Cheap Shoes for Back to School

cheap back to school shoes

Back-to-school time is always such a huge flurry of activity, and, usually quite an expensive time of year! With all of the clothes, shoes, school supplies, and backpacks you need to buy, you can easily drop a ton of money in just a very short period of time. I’ve found that the shoes are usually one of the areas that I’m willing to splurge on. But, of course, sometimes life just throws us a curve ball or two, and the purse strings only allow for some cheap shoes for back to school. READ MORE »

5 Tricks to Planning an Awesome Yard Sale

awesome yard sale

End of Summer yard sales are always my favorite. People are out and about and longing for the days to stretch out a little longer before heading back to the shuffle of Fall schedules, so browsing through yard sales is a great way to spend the time. READ MORE »

5 Tips to Living Clutter Free


5 tips to living clutter free

If you are anything like me, you long to live clutter free.  If you are anything like me though, that is easier said than done.  Between all of the kids stuff, sports gear, work stuff and our every day items, it feels like it is impossible to not have clutter.  I know it’s possible though.   READ MORE »

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