Get Your Car Clean Well with These Tips

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Is your car a giant mess? I swear by the end of the week filled with driving my kids all over the place, my car gets messy! Like seriously, messy. I used to drive through the car wash often, but let’s face it, that really is a waste of money. I still tend to use the vacuum at the self-serve car wash most of the time, but other than that I do most of the car washing at home now. 

Are you trying to figure out if washing your car at home is for you, check out how to get your car clean well with these tips. You can get it looking quite spiffy in no time!

Get Your Car Clean Well with These Tips

Trash First

If you have busy days and busy kids, I am willing to bet that you have trash in your car. When you start working on getting it clean, start with the trash. Bring two bags to your car. Use one bag for trash and one for things that are floating around your car that you want to keep. Once you get this stuff picked up, you’ll be motivated by the idea that you can now see the floor. 


Whether you head to the self-car wash, you use your home vacuum or if you have a car vacuum, the vacuuming is the key when it comes to getting your car looking spiffy again! Trust me, vacuuming makes all the difference. My local car wash charges just $0.75 for 6 minutes of vacuuming so I always use that since it’s so powerful. Others prefer to use home vacuums or auto vacuums though, so either way works!

Use a Microfiber Cloth

Keep a microfiber cloth on hand to keep the interior of your car clean! Those clothes work best for cleaning your dashboard and all of the hard surfaces in your car without the toxins of using cleaning wipes.

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