Budget Friendly DIY Window Insulation Tips

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Do you have some drafty windows that are keeping your power bill higher than you would like it? Or just keeping your house colder than you’d like it? This isn’t just an issue for winter time either. Drafty windows can affect your summer cooling too

Whether you are a homeowner that simply cannot afford major energy saving upgrades to your home, or you are a renter and don’t have the authority to make bigger changes, these budget friendly DIY window insulation tips can help you!

Budget Friendly DIY Window Insulation Tips

Use DIY Window Film

A DIY Window Film like this is easy to install and will help you regulate the temperature in your home! Plus, it adds a level of privacy to windows too!

Before you start the process though, be sure to clean and dry your window thoroughly as it simply will not work as well otherwise. You don’t want to have to reinstall it soon!

Bubble Wrap for the Win

Okay, this one isn’t going to look the best and let’s be honest, you will not be able to look outside at all, however, it will significantly change the draftiness that you are dealing with in your home. Bubble wrap is an amazing insulator. 

Side note: Bubble wrap is great for wrapping pipes too!

Insulating Drapes

Insulating drapes are a great option for keeping your home temperature more consistent. I use these during the winter, but also during the summer. The west facing windows in my home bring in a significant amount of heat into the house during those summer months so I always do what I can to help keep cooling costs down. I have found that using these with window film really does the trick for keeping the temperature down. 

I have found great deals at Walmart, Amazon and even at thrift shops on insulating drapes.

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