How to Extend the Battery Life in Your Electric Car

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The one downside that you’ll often see people complain about with their electric vehicles is the potential for an incredibly expensive battery replacement. When properly cared for though, Electric Vehicle batteries can however last upwards of 10 years with the right care.

Learning how to extend the battery life in your electric car can help decrease your EV battery life anxiety. We all appreciate some good money saving tips when it comes to our vehicles, which are often among the largest expenses in our lives.  

How to Extend The Battery Life in Your Electric Car

Read Your Owner’s Manual

I know, I know, reading owner’s manuals is so boring! Seriously though, this simple task will help you tremendously when it comes to keeping your EV battery going as long as possible. 

Slow Charge Whenever Possible

I know those fast chargers are tempting but avoiding fast chargers as much as possible will help you to extend the life of your battery. The slower the charge, the less stress you are putting on your battery. I recently read those 8 years of standard charging as opposed to fast charging will add 10% more life to the battery. 

Watch the Temperature

EV batteries do not like extreme temperatures. If you happen to live in a place with either hot or cold temperatures, you should plug your car in while parked so that the battery can better self regulate the temperature. 

Charge When Parked for a Long Time

If you are planning to not go anywhere for a while and your car will stay parked, be sure and plug it in. EV batteries will slowly lose their charge as it sits there, which you want to avoid. Not only will it be inconvenient when you need to hop in the car and go again, but it’s also bad for the battery to die completely.

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