Bathroom Cleaning Tips that Save You Time

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Are you tired of spending all of your time cleaning? Listen, I have 3 kids and I have easily spent hours each week for the last 17 years cleaning my home. I feel like much of this time is spent cleaning the bathrooms in my home specifically. I am ready to save time and frustration.

If you too are looking to add more time to your life, these bathroom cleaning tips that save you time will help do just that. 

Bathroom Cleaning Tips that Save You Time

Get a Hamper

Kids have a way of just dropping things where they land. Yes, repetition in doing the right thing is what is truly needed, but to prevent yourself from having to pick clothes up off the floor all day every day, you can simply put a hamper in the bathroom. It’s easy for the kids to drop their clothes there instead of the floor. 

Keep Cleaning Wipes under the Sink

Take care of messes right when they happen by having cleaning wipes or supplies in each bathroom. If you can grab the wipe and take care of it right there, you, or your family members, are far less likely to walk away and forget about it.

I’m also a big fan of glass cleaning wipes to give your mirror a quick wipe down. They are easy to use and help you to avoid overspray with glass cleaner. 

Don’t Use a Mop

For most of us, bathrooms are the smallest rooms in the house. The reality is, mops are often a pain to use in these spaces. It takes more time than it is worth. The best thing is to have cleaning wipes or clothes handy and get down on your hands and knees and scrub. Does it sound fun? No, does it work better? Yes. 

What are your favorite bathroom cleaning tips that help you save time?

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