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Just like humans, animals are also prone to illness.  Animals cannot tell that they are facing some kind of illness or pain, but there are certain observations that one can make to see if their pet or any animal is suffering from a certain disease or illness. Below are some illnesses that are common in many animals. Some have obvious symptoms. If any of the symptoms are observed, one should immediately take decisive action to treat them properly. However, in order to do so you need to have the proper means to observe your loved one. During these pandemic struck days, it gets very difficult to just go out to the vet and sometimes if it’s not COVID-19 it’d be your personal health issues, timing issues and even distance related issues. So how do you tackle such situations just to be sure you should be taking your pet to the vet? By searching and getting as much knowledge about each of these 6 illnesses that are quite common amongst pets. You can connect to vets online, I certainly did, and get instructions as to how you should move forward. If you choose to stick with this simple and easy plan you are just going to save yourself sometimes but also a lot of pain from when your pet might get sick. All you need is a good internet connection that won’t treat you like a piñata – mine did that so I had to switch. The Spectrum customer service handled me beautifully and nevertheless to say they will always have my heart and soul!

But before you suspect your pet going through some sickness, please know that learning about the illness on your part is just as important as consulting a doctor. You should Google the symptoms you might be noticing in your pet and then take it to your doctor. Do not attempt to cure the sickness on your own. You can find help online through sites that offer doctor’s support. You just have to make sure your internet works perfectly so that there’s no disconnection between you and the doctor you’re contacting online (Xfinity internet packages are reliable, if you’re in need).

Here are some common animal illnesses and their symptoms.

  • Albino Animals

Albinism occurs due to the absence of certain pigments in the body. One of the most obvious and clear symptoms is the lighter tone of the particular animal. The color of the eye is also a clear symptom.

  • Biliary Fever

This illness is caused by the dysfunction of the liver, and is commonly found in horses, dogs, and cats. This illness is mostly found in Africa. One symptom that indicates this illness is high temperature. However, high temperature is not constant. It rises when there is an attack of a parasite. The animal may also have a sudden loss of appetite. In severe cases, it may cause death.

  • Chronic Wasting Diseases

Mostly found in parts of Europe, these illnesses are more likely to be found in deer and moose. This is a transmissible, fatal illness that should be treated right away. Some symptoms include a sudden decrease in weight and limited mobility.

  • Myopia

The loss of eyesight indicates myopia. This illness is common in horses and rhinoceros. Moreover, the deterioration of senses is also an indication. If the animal is taking more time to react, that means it has to concentrate more in order to observe what is happening. This is caused by myopia.

  • Uroliths

Also known as the bladder stone illness. It is more common in domesticated animals like dogs and cats. This illness is caused by the development of crystal like stones in the urinary bladder. They are usually formed due to the oversaturation of urine. This illness is not fatal, but should be treated properly to avoid adverse affects. The stones formed in the urinary bladder vary in size, and there’s usually more than one. There are just a couple of symptoms to observe, such as the inability to urinate. If your pet is having trouble urinating, take the animal to the vet and get an x-ray done to see the size and the amount of stones formed in the urinary bladder.

  • Diabetes

Diabetes can occur to any animal just like in humans. Animals with diabetes can be treated by having a controlled and restricted diet and by exercise. The common symptoms of diabetes are dehydration, excessive urination, increased intake of water, sudden weight loss, and urinary tract infections.

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