6 Ways To Increase Attractiveness And Loyalty Of Customers By Discounts

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The goal of every shop- or company owner is to maximize its profit and income. Usually, the only way to do so is to engage customers to such an extent, that they leave their money regularly in a store or boutique. The best way to make money from the business is to offer various discounts and special offers. It can be contradictory to the idea of making a profit at first, but reducing prices and offering unique bargains are perfect for keeping a customer loyal! Frequent discounts also help to build brand attractiveness and popularity on the market. In this article, you’ll find six ways to increase customers’ interest by offering deals.

1. Offer a discount on first shopping

First shopping discounts are an excellent way to lure the customers in. A perfect way to do it is to offer a coupon before entering the shop or paying for the products in an online store. It will help to create a good atmosphere, and the shoppers will look forward to the special offers in the future. Remember, though, that the price reduction must not be high – 10 or 15 percent should be enough for the first time. It can be automatically included in the basket or sent via email. If you look for examples of such discounts, have a look at Coupon Codes Me website.

2. Don’t announce your offers in advance

Shop owners who have regular campaigns and special offers may lose some of their profit because their customers are used to them and decide to wait with their shopping until a bargain starts. If you try to surprise the shoppers with an unexpected discount, the chances of regular visits to your store are higher because of the psychological effects it will create. If people don’t know when to expect a discount, they’re more likely to pop in and check the current offers.

3. Provide benefits for regular customers

Providing various benefits for regular customers is another way to increase their loyalty. You can do it by introducing the so-called loyalty cards, which are used to get a small discount after each shopping or to gain a more significant reduction after a series of purchases. Gadgets or a free product may also be a beneficial option for customers. It all depends on the target group and the type of products that you sell. Another option is to create an ‘exclusive deal section’ on your website, which can be visible only for regular buyers. It will surely enhance the feeling of luxury and make the customers feel special.

4. Introduce free shipping

Free shipping is an important factor in buying decision process. Usually, customers compare the item and shipping prices on various websites before deciding to buy a particular product. They will choose, of course, the one which offers the best deal. You can either introduce a time-limited exclusive campaign for the free shipping of every order or ship for free all the orders from a certain cost. Experiment and see which one works best for you. Keep in mind, though, that free shipping should be as fast and smooth as it can be – no one wants to wait for their package for ages, even if it’s free.

5. Invest in display advertising

Display advertisements are the kind of ads that pop out on various websites once the customer leaves an online shop. They are meant to remind the buyer about their unfinished shopping and encourage them to come back and complete their order. A variety of display advertising can be exit-intent offers. They are special offers that appear just before processing to payment, and usually, they convince the buyer to add one more thing to their basket in order to get a discount. Online marketing specialists can manage display ads, and exit intent offers if you don’t feel confident in this field.

6. Give a discount for feedback

Every online shop owner knows how important feedback is for their development. Customers’ opinions are vital for every step of improving the functions or introducing new ones. Unfortunately, many users are not eager to leave their opinion or rate the shopping experience unless they get something in return. If you want to gain more opinions, then try to offer a discount on the next shopping for those who complete a short form or survey. Once a customer sends it back, they can get an exclusive deal into their email inbox.

Managing a store, especially an online shop, can be really challenging. The owners constantly need to balance between making a profit and maintaining the customers’ interest on a high level. With a little effort, however, it is possible to cope with that and create a user-friendly, accessible, and multifunctional online store that shoppers will be likely to come back to.

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