How 6 Seconds of Intro Video can help you Maximize Reach & Brand Awareness

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Today, YouTube works as the second most used search engine after Google. This fact underlines the consumer behaviour of preferring videos over lengthy write-ups to get the desired information. Digital Marketers can grab this opportunity to spread awareness about their brands. 

YouTube launched the 6-second bumper ad concept two years ago. These are advertisements that the viewers cannot skip. These video ads play just before the desired YouTube video as per the search results. These intro videos of quite a short duration can create a difference in your branding attempts.

To make the most impressive YouTube video ads, you can utilize the Ad Maker tool available online like InVideo. The video making tool has emerged as one of the most incredible online platforms to get ready-to-use, editable video templates. You can choose the right template as per your industry and the context. The platform offers numerous templates to improve the reach of your brand through YouTube and many other social media platforms.

In this article, we would take a glimpse at how these YouTube bumper videos can be helpful to you to maximize your brand awareness:

Can these 6-Second Ads be Effective for Increasing Brand Awareness?

You must be wondering how you can create such a long-lasting impact through communication with the audience for such a small duration. Yes, it is not very easy, however, quite possible to leave a memorable mark in 6 seconds. All it takes for the video is to be engaging and crisp describing the product or services effectively.  

Specifications and Cost of these 6-Second Intro Videos:

You get 6 seconds to narrate the success story of your brand and how it can create a difference in the audiences’ lives. These intro videos play both on mobile devices and desktops. Thus, you get uninterrupted space and scope to create the expected impact.

This advertisement format is charged through a competitive bidding process, and you would need to pay depending upon the number of ‘impressions’ your ads produce. So, technically, you can set your budget for a day and the maximum numbers of impressions. So, with a wise strategy, you can easily control the budget for these 6-second intro ads on YouTube.

You can make the most of this ad format creating videos using the Youtube video maker by InVideo. You can cruise through the options and categories of the templates on the official website and choose a template that suits your business idea and rock on by editing the video, including your details and desired message.

Here are a few tips for using this ad format for brand awareness and reaching much effectively:


  • Stick to Exactly what You Wish to Convey:


You are supposed to impress the audiences within 6 seconds. So, there would not be much scope to add a product description or demo, a positive review from an existing customer, and an impressive tagline. It’s vital to stick to your exact objective through the ad. This will help you to make your ad to the point.


  • Keep your Ads Short and Simple:


In a shorter than a usual intro video, you need to aim at the perfect impact. So, design your narrative, use of graphics, the appearance of a celebrity, and so on to keep your ad easy to understand. Simplicity counts in this case. Let them feel the attachment with your brand, keeping the ad as simple as you can.


  • Produce an Ad Of 6 Seconds only:


There is no point shooting an ad of extra duration and then editing it to bring it to 6 seconds. So, it’s clever to aim at producing an ad of 6 seconds precisely. This helps you use the strengths and weaknesses of this short duration right from the beginning.


  • Include a Dazzling First Impression:


The beginning of your intro ad is very crucial to grab the attention of the audiences. So, plan the expected impact taking aid of exciting visuals, a celebrity appearance admired by average audiences, or any other impactful module. This inspires the viewers to watch your ad until the end.


  • Include a Call for Action: 


It’s difficult, yet, very essential. The narration of the story focusing your brand should conclude with an encouragement for the audiences to join hands with your brand. Urge the audiences to buy, book service, or subscribe to make your bumper ad complete in all respects.


We have compiled the best practices that you should follow to make the most out of your 6-second intro ads. We hope the explanation in this article helps you to get the right direction and perspective to produce fantastic intro videos leading to increased brand awareness and reach. So, take your brand to new heights creating the most thought-provoking and ‘bang-on-target’ 6-second ads.


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