Spring Vaping Tips – Popular E-Juice Flavors to Try

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The arrival of spring is a big relief for many people who do not like the gloom and drab of winter. People rush outdoors to enjoy the vibrant life they have missed for some time now. Among the many social activities that people enjoy during this season, vaping at popular outdoor joints or with friends on the patio or their homes is on top of the list.

So, have you planned to start vaping this spring? Or do you wish to get outdoors and enjoy vaping with friends? Well, here are the most popular e-juice flavors to have at the top of the list of new things to try.

Eucalyptus and Lemon

These flavors are popular for beginners because they make you feel fresh. Besides that, they are considered mild and soft, making them appropriate for a starter pack. After all, they will come in handy to clear the airways and fight colds now that winter is over. Eucalyptus and lemon are among the best flavors for the outdoor weather in spring.

Peach Passion

Both men and women will fall in love with the lusciousness of these great tropical fruits. They are excellent for beginners and intermediary vapers who are yet to get to the hard flavors. You may have heard about this combination in fresh fruit juices but never imagined enjoying an e-cigarette with the same flavor. Now you know that it is a common flavor you can enjoy this spring together with your friends.

Strawberry Mint

When you visit the ePuffer website to choose your flavors, you will realize that strawberry is a common flavor that many people are going for. But to make it a little more fascinating, try strawberry with mint. As mentioned before, spring finds many people nursing colds and mint will come in handy to fight this. Again, it has a rejuvenating effect and the combination with strawberry makes a perfect e-juice for both beginners and seasoned vapers.

Coffee Caramel

These two flavors almost always go together because they complement each other. For experienced vapers, this is a great e-juice flavor to try. It might be a little hard for beginners, but as soon as you get used to it, it can be addictive. The coffee caramel flavor is both sweet and bitter, but this is a combination that brings unmatched satisfaction during spring. When buying this e-juice flavor, choose the best to get the best results.

Vanilla Creme

Our list of the best flavors to try cannot be complete without vanilla creme. It is popular among everyone and it is not easy to get bored of vaping it. The smoothness of the creme and ever-satisfying aroma of vanilla is what people like about this e-juice. Sooth your throat this spring with this flavor.


By now, you already know what is good to try when making an order for spring. You can also explore many other flavors depending on preference and what is trending. They include mango, original tobacco flavor, and chocolate, among many others. For this spring, it is advisable to try the cocktails we have discussed above.

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