5 (Almost) Free Things You Can do this Weekend

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What are you doing this weekend? If just sitting around being broke sounds like all you can afford, not to worry!  I’ve got some ideas of ways to get you out of the house without spending a fortune! 🙂 

If you are ready to do something different this weekend, do it!  Don’t let your fear of being broke keep you on the couch. Here are 5 almost free things you can do this weekend.

5 Free Things You Can do this Weekend

Go for a Hike 

I love hiking. Hiking is my favorite (anyone else picturing that Will Ferrell meme right now?). Seriously though, hiking is an amazing way to spend your time and it won’t cost you anything!  Okay, maybe it’ll cost you a couple of bucks in gas depending on how far away your favorite trail is. Additionally, some trails located in state or federal parks occasionally have a nominal fee, so come prepared. Either way, hiking is a very low cost activity that is good for you!

Not only are you getting exercise, but you will also be exploring the nature that is around you! You might be surprised to learn about all of the beautiful hiking trails that you have right in your backyard. 

Movie Night 

Okay, this one doesn’t exactly get you off of the couch, but when it make it special it is completely different. Pop some popcorn, pick a movie for the entire family to watch together and get excited about movie night again.

Play Video Games with the Kids

Do you ever play video games with your kids?  I never did until about a year ago and I decided to have a gaming day (more like 2 hours..but it counts as a day, right?).  My son lit up with smiles and excitement that his parents were willing to play games with him. You know what else happened?  His friends told us how cool it was that we played games with him and how they wish their parents would do that too. It was WELL WORTH IT!

Have a Coffee Date

No need to sit down and pay $50-$100 to go out to eat.  Why not head on out for a coffee date with your special someone or even the entire family (kids can get cocoa)?  This will cost you only a couple of bucks (okay, I just drink plain coffee, so my coffee dates are actually VERY CHEAP), and it provides you with a great time to visit and bond. 

Check Groupon

Don’t discount Groupon. One weekend a while back my family and I bought 5 tickets for an Elk Farm Tour for $2 each on Groupon (we used a promo code).  Guess what? It was a blast. Seriously. Who knew that elk could be so much fun? It was among the best $10 we ever spent. My kids still talk about it to this day. 

What are your favorite free activities?

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