How to Keep Your Housework Under Control


Do you feel like your housework gets away from you sometimes?  Does it seem like you are constantly cleaning? No worries, my friends, we have some tips for you here on how to keep your housework under control so that you can take a breather and not stress so much about cleaning!

  1. If they live there, they do housework.  Family works together and keeping up with the housework.  Mostly though, that means that family needs to pick up after themselves.  No need in letting your kids or spouse get away with leaving their dishes on the table, or socks on the floor.  Cleaning up after your self takes very little work and everyone needs to do it.
  2. Set up a checklist daily.  Make sure you do a couple of things each and every day so that you are not overwhelmed at the end of the week with all that you have to do.  Some things need to be done each and every day, such as clearing the table and doing dishes, but some things you can set to do on specific days such as vacuuming and laundry.
  3. Never leave a room without taking something with.  If you are heading into another room in the house, make sure you don’t have empty hands.  You are headed out of the room anyway, so it isn’t causing you any work, but your house will look better if you pick stuff up as you go through.
  4. Do a quick cleanup every night.  Every night, I spend between 10-15 minutes to do a quick cleanup of the house.  I wipe down kitchen counters, make sure the table is clean, start the dishwasher, etc.  This helps me wake up to a more tidy home which helps me to keep the house clean on a more consistent basis.  


What about you?  What tips do you follow for keeping a cleaner home without it being stressful?

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