5 Ways to Lower Your Stress in 2019

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Lowering stress can be beneficial in countless ways.  Not only do we feel better because we are less stressed, but with lower stress, our health can improve and our budget can improve.  How is that you ask? Well, many of us are emotional spenders so when we are feeling stressed we spend extra money, that may be by buying an outfit we don’t need or online shopping, or maybe just because we don’t feel like cooking so we hit the drive-through instead.

So, for 2019 I have made a goal to lower stress! Are you wanting to put that on your goal list too?

If you said yes, here are 5 ways to lower your stress in 2019:

  1. Say no more often.  We need to stop putting so much on ourselves, so if that means we say no more often than that is what it means.  The world will not stop spinning, I assure you. Saying no will help you more than it will hurt others.
  2. Lower your bills.  So maybe you work your butt off for a month or two during the first part of the year.  Use this extra money to pay off a couple of your bills so that you do not have to work hard all year to meet minimums.
  3. Take a vacation.  A true vacation can go a long way toward lowering your stress.  Don’t go into debt doing it, but work on saving up some money so you can treat yourself to a relaxing trip and enjoy it!  You will come back more refreshed than ever.
  4. Journal. Journaling your feelings at the end of the day can go a long way toward relieving stress.  Some people compare it to the benefits of therapy. I think that journaling is wonderful.
  5. Sleep more.  Many of us are so busy with work and kids and life, that we do not sleep enough as it is.  Make sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night to be well rested enough to take on our days.

Do you have a favorite stress-relieving tip to share?

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