5 Reasons for a Gift Free Christmas

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Imagine how much less stressful this week would be if you didn’t have to do any shopping.  Just imagine. Okay, I know you think there is no way that could be a reality, I mean, you don’t want to be a Scrooge, right? The thing is, there are people out there who have gift-free Christmas celebrations and enjoy this holiday with little to no stress.  If you are wondering why you should consider doing the same, check out these 5 reasons for a gift-free Christmas and see if it is a plan you would be interested in following:

  • Less stuff.  Seriously.  Don’t we all need less stuff in our lives?  I know I do. Our home is continually filling with stuff that I just really don’t need. For context, I moved into a new home about 5 months ago and I still have over 20 boxes that have never been unpacked.  Do you know what that tells me? That I have WAY too much stuff! Why would I want to bring more into that?
  • Less money spent.  Are you tired of spending money on stuff that you shouldn’t?  How many times have you bought a gift for someone for the exact reason of simply buying a gift?  Chances are, while they likely appreciated the gift, how much did they really need or love that item.  Was it worth the money spent?
  • No pressure.  If you don’t have the money to go all out on Christmas, it can feel incredibly stressful to be put under the pressure of having to buy gifts for others.  
  • Less mess.  Okay, hey not to be a complainer or anything, but oh the mess!  Have you ever been responsible for cleaning duty after a gift-filled Christmas?  You are left cleaning up paper and bows and nametags and tissue paper forever. I could do without that.
  • Reminds you of the reason. Whether you celebrate Christmas for the religious aspects or because you want to be with your family, the gifts are not the reason for the season and a gift-free Christmas celebration can remind you of that.


Have you ever done a gift-free Christmas celebration?

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