Tips for Staying Sane During the Holidays!

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The holidays for some people are incredibly difficult. Whether you are alone and stressed about dealing with the holidays like that, or you have to go be surrounded by a large group of people that bring you stress or anxiety, I understand!  I understand all of these stresses. I have been in a different place during many different years of my life so I truly do get it.


That being said, it is not impossible to stay sane this holiday season.  How? You ask. Well, here are my favorite tips for staying sane during the holidays:


  1. Cancel your plans.  If being around family causes you stress, then consider canceling plans that you have to be with them.  Your mental health is more important than sticking to tradition. Try to be kind about canceling, but don’t feel guilty about it.
  2. Focus on being grateful.  I have found that instead of focusing on how anxious or stressed I am about something, if I start the day feeling grateful about something else, it helps to take my mind off of the negative.  Sometimes I have to force it, but it can do the trick!
  3. Keep a journal.  Journalling is hugely beneficial in all aspects of life, so it is safe to assume that it can also help you get through the stress of the holidays.  Don’t worry, you can cuss out your journal all you want without disapproving looks from anyone.
  4. Keep it short.  Explain that you can only stay so long and then stick to that time frame.  If you have a clear cut exit strategy, it helps get through the process a little easier!


Do you have a stressful time dealing with the holidays?  What tips do you have for others going through it?

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