5 Side Hustle Ideas That Require No Start Up

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Are you looking for ways to make more money outside of your regular job?  Or, are you a stay at home parent looking for ways that you can help contribute to the household budget?  Then you, my friend, need to start looking for your side hustle. A side hustle is an income source outside of what your normally do and can be incredibly lucrative, or, it can simply help you to boost your savings or help pay off debts.  It’s good though, when you can start these side hustles without putting out money in order to do so.

If you are looking for ways to earn some cash, without spending any cash, here are 5 side hustle ideas that require no start up:

  1. Selling stuff.  Buying and selling is a great way to earn cash, but an even better way to do this is by selling the stuff you already have and don’t use.  Use the money that you make selling your stuff to invest into buying more stuff to sell. Use apps such as OfferUp, Letgo, FB Marketplace or more as platforms to sell.
  2. Blogging.  Okay this one isn’t exactly free and blogging is not a get rich quick plan, but you can make money doing it.  It does require true work and a time commitment, but the initial start up can be just a couple of dollars per month.
  3. Personal assistant.  You can offer to be a personal assistant for professionals in your area for no start up at all.  You might find yourself answering emails, returning phone calls, shopping, etc.
  4. Housecleaning.  If you are good at cleaning, why not offer your services as a house or office cleaner?  You can use your client’s cleaning supplies, or the stuff you already own.
  5. Resume writer.  Did you know that there are people who pay others to create their resumes for them?  Yep! As long as you own a computer, you can do this!

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