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Road Tripping on a Budget!

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We’re coming up on summer when a lot of us take summer vacations. And if you’re like us you usually end up driving to your destination. There are some major perks to driving but it can also be overwhelming so here’s some pointers on how you can take a road trip on a budget and hopefully with less stress.

Plan your destination – depending on where you live you’ll need to decide where you’re headed. Lots of times we’ll look for places within a 2-6 hour drive. This way we can get more time to enjoy our destination while still getting out of our elements. This can vary from camping locations, famous destinations and landmarks to the lake. Use google and see what fun new places you can hit up.

Get your car ready for the drive – we will always take our car in and let them know we’re headed out of town and need it inspected. They’ll usually checkout the levels in our car, tires, pressure and more. This always helps ease my mind as we embark on our adventure carrying our most precious cargo.

Before you hit the road make sure you’ve downloaded GasBuddy. This app is awesome and will tell you how much gas is at different locations around you. Driving just a little further down the road could save you up to $.05-$.10 per gallon. Also make sure you have packed all the snacks and drinks you need so that you’re not paying the outrageous gas station prices for drinks and snacks. You can also really cut down by bringing your own lunch in a cooler. This takes planning and time to prepare but when you’re looking to save money on your trip it’s an easy option.

Be flexible and willing to take stops, especially if you have little ones. We usually find a fun park to hit up midway through our trip to let the kids run around and stretch out their legs. It’s not fun getting back in the car but I remind them of the fun we’ll have at our next stop and I’ll usually open up a new toy or something to do to bribe them back into the car. (It usually works for us)

Although you need to be flexible, also go prepared. Make sure you have everything you need so you don’t end up having to purchase what you forgot. Most destination places will have everything you need that you might have forgotten but at a price. So make your list and check it twice – or even three times before you go. I find if I start my list at least a week before, things will pop up in my head throughout the week that I need to remember to pack.

Things won’t always go perfectly but if you relax and enjoy the ride the rest of the family will be able to do so as well. These road trips are great memory makers – times your kids won’t forget. Enjoy the journey, relax and save money on your next road trip!

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