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Alternatives to Preschool – Get Your Preschooler Kindergarten Ready!

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Have you been thinking about getting your preschooler signed up for next year? Maybe you’ve started to look into it like I have and realized it can get pretty pricey. I want you to know that there are alternatives to preschool. Preschool is not for everyone and you don’t have to send your child to preschool in order for them to be successful in Kindergarten. Here are some different options for preschool to consider:

Read to them – you’ll never be able to read too much to your child. Just head to your local library and snag some fun new reads. You can also checkout your library’s activities and see if they have a story time. Our local library will put on a story time once a week in which preschool kids can come and participate in.

Learn through Play – There are so many fun educational toys for them to learn through. From kitchen toys, dress-up, puzzles, blocks and more. There are tons of things for them to learn through play.

Online Programs – this one is great! There are a few we have done and my kids have loved it! From ABC Mouse, Starfall (free) and Upstart (a FREE Utah State Program) my preschooler has learned to read! There are fun lessons taught on each of these. If you prefer not to pay check with your local library where they might offer these programs on their computers for your kids to play on.

Free Printables – There are tons and tons of free resources online that you can print for your kids to have fun on. I’ve seen a lot on Pinterest with ABC theme’s, animals and more.

Start a Joy School – this is fun for the kids as they get a variety of teaching styles and fun things to learn when you switch around who’s teaching. Find some neighbors with children close in age and start your own Joy School. We would meet 3 times and week just like preschool and each parent would teach for the week. We had subjects picked out for each week and guidelines so the kids had the same routine each week.

Field Trips – with all the free events that go on there’s a lot for your little one to learn. You could make a trip to your local park to learn about the ducks. Or take a trip to the local museum for more things to learn.

There’s lots more ways for your preschooler to learn even through your example. From cooking dinner with them to heading outdoors on a hike. What are some things you’ve found to be successful in teaching your toddler and preparing them for kindergarten?

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