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50 FREE to Nearly FREE Mom & Daughter Date Night Ideas!

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Did you know that from the moment your daughter is born until she’s 18 you only have 940 Saturday’s? It’s so important to get that one on one time with your child and sometimes that’s not as easy as it sounds. You’re busy running getting errands done, the house cleaned, homework and projects taken care of but you don’t want to lose touch of that special bound and relationship you have with your children. So I’ve thrown together some date night ideas you could do with your daughter but keep in mind, a lot of these would easily work with any of your children!

  1. Cuddle on the couch and watch a childhood favorite movie
  2. Makeovers
  3. DIY manicures or pedicures
  4. Craft together
  5. Bake together
  6. Teach your child something new
  7. Just talk
  8. Do a fun science experiment
  9. Attend a exercise class together (yoga, pound, zumba)
  10. Go to the movies and just get popcorn to go
  11. Go to the library together
  12. Make a “fancy” meal together
  13. Checkout the local bookstore
  14. Attend a play
  15. Go on a bike ride
  16. Dance party
  17. Share a frozen yogurt
  18. Grab a donut together
  19. Camp in the backyard
  20. Have a picnic (inside or outside)
  21. Feed the ducks at the park
  22. Swimming
  23. Petting zoo
  24. Roller Skating
  25. Window shop at the mall
  26. Nature walk/hike
  27. Game night
  28. Bowling
  29. Play dress up with your wedding dress
  30. Visit the Animal Humane Society and play with the animals
  31. Find a new park to play at
  32. Play the arcades
  33. Browse the greenhouse
  34. Yard sale shop together
  35. Paint some pottery together
  36. Bury a time capsule
  37. Find a service to do for a family or friend
  38. Plant a garden together
  39. Make homemade ice cream
  40. Play in the rain
  41. Redecorate your daughters room
  42. Watch the stars and look for satellites
  43. Visit a local museum
  44. Look through baby photos
  45. Lay in the grass and find pictures in the clouds
  46. Start a family cookbook with their favorite meals
  47. Go fruit picking
  48. Pick wildflowers together
  49. Mother/Daughter Sleepover
  50. Surprise her at school for a lunch date

Find something you’d both love to do together and set the date! It will give something for her to look forward too and you’ll be able to create those special bonds together. Do you have some fun ideas you’d add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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