4 Tips for Starting Your Gift Closet Now


Now that Christmas is over, we can take steps now to make sure that Christmas next year is not a stress on your budget!  A gift closet is awesome for Christmas, of course, but it is super handy to have stocked for the birthdays that happen throughout the year!

  1. Hit up the After-Christmas Sales.  After Christmas sales are when we see just about the biggest discounts all year long.  While I tend to avoid the stores on the day right after Christmas (who can deal with those lines?), I do try to go shopping at some point the week after the holiday.  I love picking up gift sets like fragrances, food and bath sets at 75%-90% off.  Some of these have winter and Christmas themes, but not all do.  Even the ones that do though, can be opened up and turned into a gift basket for birthday gifts, etc.
  2. Regifting.  Did you open any gifts on Christmas that you won’t be using?  Why not regift them? Okay, I know some people don’t like to regift, but the fact remains that sometimes we get gifts that don’t necessarily work for us.  Why not use these to give to someone else who will love them?  For example, I opened up a cookware set yesterday, which is a great gift, but I had just purchased myself a new set a couple weeks ago and I have no need for it, but I know others who do, so I don’t feel bad about sharing my gift with them.
  3. Coupons.  Print out coupons, add them to your mobile accounts or clip them out of the newspaper.  Be sure to combine them with all of the Christmas clearance that we talked about in #1 and you can save big!
  4. Our Site!  Seriously, make sure you visit this website often because we are always posting great deals that are great for building your gift closet on a budget that you can be happy with.  We post coupons, clearance deals and stock up prices on a daily basis.  

Do you have a gift closet that you give gifts from? What are your best gift closet tips?

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