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5 Fun & Easy First Day of School Traditions

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freebies2deals-pictureSchool is starting and for some kids that can be scary.  New classes, new friends, and new teachers can make kids feel a little nervous.  Having a fun first day can calm those nerves and hopefully help kids feel excited about this new year.

The first day of school can set the stage for the year.  Here are a few fun and easy first day of school activities that you can do.  Maybe you can make them into a tradition and have your kids look forward to many more first days.

Back to School Breakfast-  Think of your kids favorite breakfast and make that for the first day.  You can even add some special desserts like donuts, waffles with whip cream or sprinkles and pancakes.  Start the day out right with something special for your kids.  You can even decorate their chairs.

Decorate your car or bikes- If you drive your kids to school, have them decorate the car the night before with their names and grades.  Put balloons inside and play fun music as you drive. Keeping upbeat and positive will help with calming nerves. If you walk/bike to school, decorate their bikes with crepe paper.

First Day of School Banner- Make a big banner out of butcher paper that says something like “First Day of School Rocks” or “This Year will be Awesome.”  Then when the kids are coming home hold it up on both ends and have them run through it.  Make it like the football teams do when they run through their banners at games.

School Goals- Sit down with your kids after their first day and write down some goals they want to achieve this year.  Hang up their goals in their room, on the fridge, or another visual spot. This will help the kids have a direction to go this year and hopefully learn something new. Some ideas- Make a new friend in class, learn how to play a musical instrument, read at a higher wpm goal, complete homework right after school.

Dinner Picnic at the School- For dinner, pack a picnic for the family and go to the school.  Sit and eat on the school grounds and talk about the first day of school.  Have the kids show you where they play and what they liked about their first day.  This would be a good time to talk about their goals as well.  Sitting and talking as a family at the school can make the school areas feel more comfortable.

Hopefully these traditions can help your kids start this year out right!  :)

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