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All About Pokémon GO: Safety Tips & Etiquette

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’ve probably heard about Pokemon GO. This augmented reality game is the newest craze in mobile gaming. Unlike most other mobile games, you really can’t get ahead by sitting on your duff with Pokemon Go. You really have to get out in the world and catch you some Pokemon…thingies! Yeah, that’s right—it’s like the ’90’s all over again and I’m revisiting my childhood, but with a modern mobile twist.

Let’s first take a quick look at how the game works…

How to Play Pokemon GO

First things first, right? To start playing Pokemon GO, you’ll need to download the app onto your mobile device. Android users will need to head over to Google Play and Apple users will need to beebop on over to the App Store. Once the app is downloaded and installed, you can start it up and do all the normal initial game stuff, like run through a quick tutorial, read a backstory, and customize your character with a shirt and hat. None of this takes long at all, and you should be ready to go Pokemon GO in no time!

Now comes the fun part! You get to go out in the world and do all sorts of Pokemon…stuff!

You can progress through the game by capturing Pokemon characters, visiting Pokestops for supplies, and participating in gym battles with rival players. The modern technology built into your mobile device, like the camera and GPS, will help you accomplish these tasks. A digital map in the app will help you locate areas you need to visit to capture Pokemon characters and locate Pokestops and gyms.

Most of the places you will need to stop will be public places, like churches, libraries, and popular landmarks. That’s not always the case, however, which is where some of the problems with Pokemon GO are starting to crop up.

Pokemon GO Concerns

Sure, it’s definitely a fun game and its gets both kids and adults out and about running around, but the game is not without its faults. Some people are starting to have some concerns about the game. More specifically, there have been some safety concerns.

Probably the Pokemon GO incident that has garnered the most attention is the string of armed robberies near St. Louis. Apparently, the game allows players to add beacons to lure players to a specific spot. These particular criminals have since been apprehended, but that doesn’t quell all of the Pokemon GO safety concerns, as that’s not to say someone else won’t try this in the future.

Another big Pokemon GO safety concern is the possible problems that can occur from people roaming around with their faces buried in their phone screens. Not paying attention to what you’re doing while walking around (or, gods forbid, driving!) can result in accidents and injuries.

Finally, there’s the issue of people’s private residences becoming popular stops for Pokemon GO enthusiasts. One Massachusetts man woke up one morning to discover that his home, which was once a church, had become a Pokemon GO gym. While Boon Sheridan has been a pretty good sport about it all thus far, that’s not to say other home owners will be quite so understanding or accommodating.

Which finally brings us to…

Pokemon Go Safety Tips and Ettiquette

Now that you know some of the Pokemon GO safety concerns, it’s time to take a look at some Pokemon GO safety tips. And, since I’m a bit old fashioned when it comes to manners and common courtesy, I’m going to slip in some etiquette tips as well.

  1. Don’t Pokemon GO and drive! I’m pretty sure that I don’t have to tell most of you this, but I’m just gonna throw it out there. Chasing Pokemon characters is exhausting work, but put that phone away if you decide to use wheels! Not only is this dangerous for you and others around you, it also pretty much defeats the entire purpose of the game—getting out and exploring on foot.
  2. Stay away from dark alleys. And pretty much anywhere else where nefarious characters of the human variety might be lurking. You might want to rethink heading down a dark alley at night or into an abandoned building at any time, for instance, to capture an elusive Pokemon. There could be more than a fictional character lurking in that alley, and no Pokemon is worth getting robbed (or worse!) over.
  3. Watch where you’re going. Watching someone walk into a tree, parking meter, or oncoming traffic while chasing after a fictitious creature might seem hilarious to some people, but in reality it can actually be pretty dangerous. When you’re out and about, let the phone run in the background and keep it in your hand, pocket, or backpack and your eyes in front of you. The game will buzz when you’re near a Pokemon, and you can keep your eyes on your surrounds and watch for hazards.
  4. Don’t let kids play alone. Before you let your kids wander off to chase Pokemon characters, be sure to lay down some ground rules. First and foremost, it’s really not a good idea to let kids wander around and play this game alone. There’s safety in numbers, so only allow them to play in groups. You’ll also want to lay down rules regarding boundaries and types of places that are off-limits.
  5. Keep the weather in mind. Remember that it’s the middle of July, the sun is out, and it’s HOT! Carry a water bottle with you to stave off dehydration and don’t forget sunscreen and a hat!
  6. No trespassing. Not only is trespassing rude, but it’s also illegal. And, in some areas, by trying to catch that elusive Pokemon in someone’s backyard you might find you at the business end of a shotgun. Not cool, man. Not cool at all. Keep in mind that not all homeowners are as understanding and cool about things as poor Boon Sheridan.
  7. Stay juiced up. Like most apps and games running in the background, Pokemon GO can use a lot of juice and drain your battery if you aren’t careful. Consider carrying a portable power bank with you to recharge your phone in case it gets low. This way, you’ll be sure to have enough juice to make an emergency phone call or use a GPS map to find your way is searching for the little creatures leads you too far astray.
  8. Remember basic social etiquette. From what little I’ve played Pokemon GO (for research purposes, of course!) I can see how easy it would be to get engrossed in it and even a little addicted. But that’s no reason to toss common courtesy and social decorum out the window. Don’t forget your manners when playing! That means move out of the way to catch your Pokemon in crowded places, skip Pokemon spots that may be inappropriate (like memorials such as the Holocaust Museum, perhaps?), and maybe wait until after your wife gives birth to nab a Pokemon. Also, keep in mind that Pokemon GO is just a game, not real life. Don’t forget to basic greetings and pleasantries for the people you may encounter in your Pokemon GO travels!

Have any of you played Pokemon GO yet? What did you think of it? Feel free to add any of your own Pokemon GO safety tips and etiquette in the comments below!

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