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How To Grow Your Own Herbs in Water & Save Money!

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Buying fresh herbs can get pricey but if you happen to grow your own youíll have the convenience of not having to run to the store and youíll save money! Maybe youíre thinking ďwell I donít have a green thumbĒ. Well, did you know you can grow some herbs right in water? Itís easy cause you can see how much water is in there and when it needs to be refilled. So thereís no guessing if youíve over watered it or havenít given it enough! Here are the herbs you can grow, right in water:


To get started youíll need to find a container. The best choice is to find a glass container that is colored or opaque. That way the roots arenít getting to much sunlight but the plant is. (roots are sensitive to sun and too much can cause them to die.) Youíll also want your herbs to stand upright so either look for a narrow mouth container or cover the top with net, chicken wire or tape.

Once you have your jar youíll need your plant. You can use the ones you buy in the store. Just wash them and cut them to about 6 inches and put them in the water filled container. The herbs that are more woody stem like rosemary, take more time to start so donít get discouraged.

Your herbs will also need food, not just water. You can check with your local nursery for food or they sell some on Amazon as well. Youíll simply mix it in per manufacturer recommendations. Remember more is not always better so make sure you follow the directions.

Starting your own herb garden weather in water or soil is a great way to save money. So think about the herbs your use more often and start with those. Remember, if you start to get an abundance of herbs, you can also dry them and store them long term.

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