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Are You Guilty of Wasting Money? Here Are 10 Big Money Wasters You Might Not Have Thought Of!

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We’re all trying to stretch our dollars but there could be some things you’re doing or buy that’s wasting money. Here’s just a few of the top things you could possibly be wasting money on.

  • Throwing away leftovers: This could be difficult for some because think of all the money you could save if you boxed up your leftovers and ate them the next day for lunch. According to a report by the Natural Resources Defense Council, the average American throws away 25 percent of food and drinks.
  • Bank Fees: There are so many bank fees you can accumulate if you’re not careful. Make sure you do your homework and keep careful track of where your money is.
  • Buying Food and Beverages at Convenience/Gas Stations: Hopefully if you’ve been following F2D for awhile then you’ve avoided this money pit. But if not, try to make a better habit of keeping your go to items on hand so you’re not wasting money stopping at the gas station for a quick treat or something you’ve ran out of at home.
  • Returning items: This can become a money pit if you happen to always forget to return something that didn’t fit or isn’t what you need. Try putting it in your car so you’ll see it and remember the next time you’re at that store. Or don’t buy it until you know you need it or know it fits.
  • Eating Out Too Often: Now eating out once in awhile isn’t a bad thing but when you start eating out more than what you can afford, you’ll starting falling into a money pit. Try making food at home, meal prep or freezer meals are great for those long days where you don’t feel like cooking.
  • Bottled Water: If you enjoy filtered water and that’s why you buy bottled water than maybe try switching to a Brita Filter that you can use to fill up your reusable water bottles.
  • Cable TV: This is somewhere you could really save money if you’re trying to pinch your pennies. Having Netflix, Hulu or even Amazon Prime are great options to look into instead of paying a monthly cable bill.
  • Throwing away coins: You’ve probably heard it before but “every penny counts”.  Find a cute piggy bank or even a small container to put your spare change in. Then when it’s full or you’re running low on cash add up what you’ve saved and cash it in at your local bank.
  • Paying For Services You Can Perform Yourself: YouTube is full of do it your self videos. So before you call the repair guy or take your car to get its oil changed checkout the internet to see if it’s something you could do or fix yourself.
  • Buying New Things: This one you need to use your best judgment for but there are so many things you can buy used to save even more money. Buying used books are one of those things you could really save money on by buying used at your local DI or Good Will.

Do you have other Money Wasters that you’ve cut out to help save money? Let us know below in the comments!

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